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About Backlink Maker

To rank high on SERPs, webmasters or website owners perform search engine optimization. There are two types of SEO: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. On-Page SEO or On-Site SEO optimize web page content like title tags, internal like, or URL. Off-Page SEO is associated with site structure, content, link buildings. Off-Page SEO is not done directly on the website.

What are Backlinks and How are they important?

Backlinks are hyperlinks from other domains that point to pages on your website. They play a vital role in your search rankings. In terms of SEO professionals, backlinks are good if they come from reputed and recognized websites, but they are not good for your site if they come from disreputable or spam websites.

Features of Backlink Maker- By SEO Tools Kit

Backlink Maker by SEO Tools Kit is the best tool for instantly generating quality backlinks to your website. It is built with SEO best practices and follows Google’s recommended link-building guidelines. You can generate a huge number of genuine and quality backlinks with no effort.

Following are the features of our Backlink Maker:

  1. Provides High Authority Backlinks

It helps you to create backlinks on a high authority website which helps you in boosting the rank of your website.

  1. Helps you to discover crucial inbound links.

Backlink Maker by SEO Tools Kit finds links that already help other sites rank. It targets the common links that your competitors get.

  1. Provide Relevant Links

This tool immediately shows you a list of relevant websites and then starts generating the backlinks for your site from each of the sites in the list, automatically.

  1. It has an easy-to-use interface.

This tool provides the best quality backlinks. All you have to do is give the URL of your website and this tool will provide the high-quality backlinks of your website.


How to use Backlink Maker - By SEO Tools Kit?

To get the most out of your backlinks research with no efforts, use Backlink Maker by SEO Tools Kit to focus on targeting high-quality links that help you to rank high. It is a super-awesome tool in terms of features and delivery of results, and also, it is super-easy to use. Follow the steps below and enjoy the hassle-free, high ranking of your website.

  1. Go to and click on Backlink Maker in the Tools Section.
  2. Enter the URL of the website in the URL Text Box for which you want to build backlinks.
  3. Click on the “Make Backlink” button and “Taada!” your job is done.

If a backlink is created, you will receive the green ‘tick’ sign and if not, a red ‘cross’ sign will appear, under the “Status” column.

NOTE: The newly created backlinks might not impact your rankings, immediately as the changes will take time to take effect on the indexes of search engines. But your search results will improve, soon.

As you have seen that, the Backlink Maker by SEO Tools Kit does not require any effort.

So, use our tool and have a hassle-free, high-ranking.