Search Engine Optimization

Strategies for Getting Your First 500 Visitors

We all want to get visitors to our websites to generate sales, earn ad revenue, or simply share our thoughts. Getting the first few visitors is tough. No one wants to link out to you, you rank low on Google and feel helpless. This is common for newer websites, but there are a few techniques to get those first 500 organic visitors through one single blog post, and that I what I will explain right now.   Tools You Will Require Ubersuggest for Keyword Research SEO Toolkit Analyser Google Search...
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Top 10 SEO Trends To Drive More Traffic in 2021

Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are the most effective ways of attracting potential customers to your website. But here’s the thing- we must use it in the right way. According to surveys, there are an estimated 3.5B searches on search engines (mostly google) each day. But while only 0.78% of searchers click on results from the second page of the search engine, the #1 result in Google’s organic search result gets an average CTR of 31.7% approximately. SEO trends to leverage in 2021 We already know that to rank higher...
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SEO for Dummies: A Small Guide to SEO for Beginners

Are you an aspiring SEO professional or a beginner who just started a website or blog? Then this is the guide you must read.   You will learn all about how to find your page on the first page of google. You will also learn the basics of how SEO works and why it’s so important, plus: to continue your SEO education. Discover the top SEO Techniques and tips for good SEO. How Key ranking factors. Why links, keywords, and high-quality content are all especially important for SEO success. The...
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