Are External Links in Your Website Good For SEO?

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Are External Links in Your Website Good For SEO?

05/01/2022 12:00 AM by TheChiefHustler in

Yes. External links are good for SEO. Don't think of external links as you are giving your visitors a path outside of your website. But see them as an important metric for high-position ranking. Putting external links in your content shows Google that you are giving value to your visitors, and leading them to every information they need.

We are not talking about tons of external links. One or two external links within your article are great

However, you can't. just put any link on any website. The link should be for an authoritative website with a high domain score to give strength to your content.

Tips to build your external links:

  • Relevancy: when you start to build an external link, choose a relevant site. A pets site can’t be linked to a website about health. They must have a natural fit.
  • Authority of the linking page: Never link your page to a less authority site. Actually, the higher authority the site is, the more value your link will get.
  • Unnatural (or toxic) links: avoid linking to sites with penalties from Google
  • Volume of root domains: Volume matters too. Link to a website with a high volume.

Statistics showed that content with external links rank higher than that focusing on its own site only. Therefore, make sure to add one or two external links for each content.


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