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Article Submission Sites List

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Are you having your own business or dealing with content marketing? Then, you may be struggling to find a good website to promote your content in the online world. With the article submission sites list given here, you can get a high-quality backlink. Other than this, you may succeed in search engine rankings and increase traffic.


What is Article Submission?

Article submission is an effective off-page SEO technique to publish an article on a third-party website. It helps in generating high-quality backlinks to your website. Publishing your article on article submission sites helps to increase your site's traffic. Also, article submission sites can improve your website's authority. Article submission, using the right keywords are an integral part of content marketing. Through it, you can promote articles related to your niche for better business growth. Generally, it is done for marketing and publicizing your business on the internet. Moreover, submit only quality articles in the relevant categories to get the significant output of this activity.


Benefits of Article Submission Sites

Article submission consists of sharing unique, informative, and high-quality articles to third-party websites. It is one of the most effective online marketing tactics without any cost. Apart from promotions, there are many extra benefits of such sites, like:


  • Improve search engine rankings of your business website. It is so because the algorithm likes the links coming from content-rich sites.
  • You can get many permanent backlinks for your website and that is too genuine. It is because viral content stands a chance of getting many high-quality links.
  • Article submission helps in boosting the DA/PA of your website.
  • Generate leads with the cheapest marketing.
  • Establishes your identity as a subject-matter expert in your niche.
  • They help to gain additional traffic to your website.
  • Makes a way to improve your online visibility and brand awareness.


Paid vs Free Article Submission Sites?

There are two types of sites to submit your content. Paid Article Submission sites do charge you a nominal editorial fee for adding your article to the directory. They always keep the inferior quality article stand out in the crowd. You can also partner with paid sites to upload sponsored content. The paid directories are worthwhile as they keep and maintain every article they receive. Also, they keep out the spam from the directory. On Free Article Submission sites, anyone can share the content by signing up to their directory. They also help in enhancing your domain authority and earning do-follow links. So, always post your article by being assured that it should have a high DA and less spam score.


How To Make Your Article Stand Out in the Crowd?

There are many different factors when you want to make your article stand out from others. These factors define the rank of your content on the article submission sites. A few factors are:

1. Content

This is the key element of your article. Without unique content, it's not possible to make your article distinct from others. Writing brief, and informative content can help your articles to increase their CTRs. Having engaging content is an important factor that differentiates yours from others' articles. This would attract more users to read it, which in turn promotes your business or website.

2. Keywords

Now, include proper keywords on the content you want to rank for. But make sure to use only the related keywords as per your niche or business. When you deal correctly with the keywords, then only your article would urge the user by the search engines. It is because search engines use keywords as a factor to determine the ranks of the posts. So, add fruitful keywords instead of unnatural optimization like stuffing too many keywords.

3. Medium of Publishing

Writing unique articles and including keywords in them is not enough when you want to promote your created content. You have to select a popular article submission site to help your articles stand out from others. Hence, choose the website from the list mentioned in this article. Remember to submit on high-rated and reliable sites so that they would be visible in the search results.


How to select a superior website for publishing articles?

Now, you may know all about article submission. But, there are some things you need to know when pitching your article to such sites. Do your research thoroughly to find the best article submission website. Do not send out the work of your efforts to any random website.The submission site should be compliant with all the laws of copyright. It is to be checked as per the geographical location. Now, If they charge any price for posting your article, that payment terms should be cleared prior. Moreover, they should not modify your backlinks too much. They must stay on the article as it is. Also, confirm prior about the number of do-follow or no-follow backlinks they give. And strictly adhere to their terms and conditions before shortlisting any site.


Key Points to Consider for Article Submission

Article submission seems to be a simple process but can be tricky sometimes. You may have some doubts in mind while proceeding further with this technique. This is for we are here to help you out of it. There are many factors you need to follow while resorting to this SEO method. A few important guidelines are:

  • It is effective to submit your article only on high-quality and high DA websites.
  • Your articles should be information-rich and as unique as possible.
  • You should not do unnecessary keyword stuffing.
  • The average word count of your articles should be around 500 words. You can exceed up to 1000 words if necessary.
  • Give an engaging title with the main keyword into it. So, it would be easy for the web crawlers to identify the topic of your article.
  • You should always use subheadings, and bullets to make them presentable for readers. It should be easy to read for the users.


Steps to Follow For Submitting Your Article

The procedure to submit your content on article submission sites is a straightforward activity. You just have to remember the key points and go after the following steps. It will help you out by increasing your site's visibility and hence the traffic.

First, it is needed to register on the submission site by filling in every single detail. You may need to log in via third-party websites like Gmail or Facebook. So, just complete your profile, especially the mandatory email. Specify the relevant category to which your blog belongs such as health, SEO, Fashion, and more. Write proper title, author box, and then the article body. Always remember to include the link to your website and related keywords in the author’s description box. It is vital to keep the article straightforward as people try to avoid pointless content. Now, submit your short and simple article with minimal grammatical errors. The moderator will then check whether it should be published or not. After your article gets approval, they will send you an email informing you of the same. Domain name DA
1 21
2 25
3 23
4 16
5 90
6 91
7 91
8 81
9 73
10 3
11 11
12 79
13 46
14 39
15 78
16 88
17 91
18 72
19 39
20 77
21 54
22 56
23 55
24 35
25 28
26 14
27 24
28 38
29 59
30 82
31 12
32 36
33 8
34 20
35 54
36 30
37 61
38 16
39 60
40 38
41 60
42 32
43 43
44 9
45 55
46 36
47 59
48 18
49 20
50 19


I hope the above article submission sites list will make you achieve the goal of SEO. It’s the best method of advertising to attract visitors by making content core in the process. Hence, you can have this technique into your marketing strategy to grow your business online presence faster than before.




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