Best AI Tools To Write SEO Optimized Content

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Best AI Tools To Write SEO Optimized Content

11/17/2021 12:00 AM by TheChiefHustler in

You may be failing to reach your target audiences. That means getting less revenue with more effort. But not anymore. Here we are to help you out with Top AI SEO tools for reaching your business to new heights.

Do you know these AI tools are changing the ongoing marketing trends? AI-based SEO tools are helping rank higher on search engine results pages.

But, let us first understand what Artificial Intelligence is, and why it is crucial.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a machine learning technique that helps create content faster. AI is being used for all manners of things. It helps in building content strategy by understanding actual analytics data. AI's principal goal is to perform tasks better and faster than humans. It is a technology designed to make our work easier. It is an effective technique for increasing revenue. These AI SEO tools have been proven to cite a 5-10% increment in revenue after applying it.

Let’s talk about how AI is implemented in SEO and why it is taking over.

What is AI SEO?

AI in SEO is finding the relationships between websites, content, and rankings. AI provides fast and automated results to out-optimize the competition.

These SEO tools use artificial intelligence to make it easier to:

  • find trending topics
  • performs SEO tasks faster
  • Data analysis.
  • Write Search Engine Optimized content that matches user intent.
  • Easily find ranking keywords that you should use for more traffic.
  • Understand your website's insight and provide useful data.
  • Research for quality backlinks

The impact of AI on SEO is turning a lot of changes. There are no ways to optimize unless to understand the importance of Artificial Intelligence. AI is becoming an essential part of SEO success. It allows creating better SEO strategies and more connections to the target audience.

Now here comes a question: If AI can replace SEO?

The answer is a big NO.

So Why Is AI SEO Important?

AI is beneficial to SEO and gives pretty impressive results. If combined in your SEO strategy can help you write search engine optimized content the easy way. Do you know, Google's algorithm focuses more on UX than SEO? AI is one of the best ways to provide a better user experience to visitors. Humans give AI some parameters to write. The software then generates the content, often in a click. When you search at Google, the results are displayed taking many factors into account. It considers your location, search history, and what others click on for a similar query. The Google ranking factors differ when the query changes. The algorithm checks for how people are clicking on the search results. Then decide on the most relevant factor of ranking search snippets. AI uses millions of articles available on the internet to write for your preferred topic. The machine learns everything in detail and generates with its understanding power.

Can Google detect AI-generated content?

Have you ever wondered before if Google can detect machine language-written blogs? Many creators ask these questions and that's such a genuine query though. Let us give you an accurate answer to this top question. The content generated by the machine still requires some editing. It should need more formatting, optimizing, uploading, and publishing. AI written content requires more structuring to make it engaging for users. Google excludes low-quality content, whether it's written artificially or by a human. Google values the content which provides the best results for the search queries. Thus keep in mind to better solve search queries whether by AI-generated tool or writing on your own.

Best AI Tools For SEO

Every software has its own set of features. Some write long forms of content if you provide them with instruction. Some are used for generating social media posts and ads. Others can be good at link building. You can choose the one that meets your requirements the best.

Some of our favorite tools are:

1. Can I rank

Price: Premium starts from $49 per month

CanIRank is a powerful marketing tool. It is one of the most useful tools for bloggers and small business owners. This tool provides insights into whether the outcomes are workable for a business or not. It analyzes tons of websites for content writing. It works on different features like rank tracking, link building, on-page SEO, and more. It integrates with other service providers to provide the best of all to SEO.

So what features makes it buying worthy are :

  • highly recommended tool from experts
  • uncovers a surprising number of new ideas
  • provides stats highlighting potential ROI
  • shows the point of improving the content
  • navigates you by a clear step-by-step action plan
  • pins the best areas to focus on
  • reasonably priced
  • easy to use

Click here to visit CanIRank

2. BrightEdge

BrightEdge is a platform to help business people grow their business. It contains several modules to suggest improvements for optimizing content. It helps you to personalize each page on your site to better fit the target intent. It manages keywords, does competitors analysis, reporting, and looks for website technical issues. This tool helps in mapping out keywords in a specific region. Brightedge helps with all areas of on-page as well as off-page SEO tactics.

So what features makes it buying worthy are :

  • gives intelligent recommendations
  • shows the ranks for individual keywords
  • enormous information on each page ranking
  • incredible customer service
  • excellent site auditing features

Click here to visit BrightEdge

3. Pave AI

Price: Premium starts from $39 per month

It turns analytics into helpful insights to improve your everyday SEO strategy. It integrates data from different platforms like AdWords, and social media ads. These personalized reports identify the most relevant insights which is a huge plus. Also, it tracks keywords along with referral source tracking. It offers you page views, time-on-site, and user interface tracking.

So what features makes it buying worthy are :

  • provides clear and to-the-point automated insights 
  • excellent writing reports.
  • integrated Fb Ads, Twitter Ads, and Instagram Ads

 Click here to visit Pave AI

4. WordLift

Price: Premium starts from €59 per month

It is the most used AI tool for SEO. It works with WordPress websites in organizing your content. It organizes them in four major categories: Who, What, When, and Where. Using natural language processing suggests new entities for your content. It allows you to accept and determine internal links for your content. It also helps with features like knowledge graphs and geo maps. Also, recommends openly licensed images that can be used in your content. WordLift adds markup, allowing search engines to properly index your content.

So what features makes it buying worthy are :

  • great for building and structuring your knowledge graph
  • supports all majority of languages
  • uses both NLP and AI to make exact content that users want
  • adding structured data by featuring 
  • Publish metadata to share and distribute content
  • Content tagging for better SEO
  • Engage readers with links and interactive visualizations

Click here to visit WordLift

5. Alli AI

Price: Premium starts from $249 per month

It offers several SEO features to optimize your website content strategies. Alli AI simplifies the SEO process by tracking your traffic progress. It helps build quality backlinks and scale business outreach. Alli AI manages SEO work from one dashboard. It ensures everything you want for SEO. It can manage your SEO strategy, index your links. It looks for your site faults and errors.

So what features makes it buying worthy are :

  • easy to use
  • great keyword ranking tool
  • analyzes to find the top backlink opportunities

Click here to visit Alli AI

6. OneSpot

It is a unique platform focused on the consumer journey. It helps in brand development by delivering natural customers at a one-on-one level. OneSpot uses AI to understand user behavior to solve search queries. It does this by viewing a website user’s history on the internet.

Through all these, OneSpot helps expand its relationship with consumers through many mediums.

So what features makes it buying worthy are :

  • integrates with marketing automation tools
  • filter content based on traffic source, geographic region, and audience type
  • track conversions and identify trending topics
  • helps manage Social Media presence

Click here to visit OneSpot


Price: Premium starts from $44.99 per month

Frase is a widely used AI software. Many companies are using this tool to boost their SEO process. It suggests questions that potential prospects are asking. It identifies questions that your audience is asking. Then assist in creating content around those questions. It helps in building Content strategies based on actual demanding queries.

So what features makes it buying worthy are :

  • best used for the long-tail keyword assistance
  • explore new content ideas
  • google analytics and google search console integrated
  • suggests missing must include phrases
  • creates very clear and amazing briefs
  • accurately do SERP and competitive analysis
  • achieved to write engaging content that ranks
  • Reasonably priced

Click here to visit


Price: Premium starts from $49 per month is a powerful AI SEO tool that helps in writing great content. It is pretty clean and simple. This tool lets you select a copy, add a description, and get relevant results. It helps you design content for your website, social media ads, and in general everything, you need for SEO.

So what features makes it buying worthy are :

  • Write for headlines, intros, product descriptions, and more
  • Create content by a prompt or list of bullet points
  • Create copy for FB, Google, and LinkedIn ads.

Click here to visit

9. Diib

Price: Premium starts from $29.99 per month

Diib tool helps in growing business faster with AI. It suggests various aspects like improving your website's SEO, security, and speed. It starts with the collection of data and then analyzes for the competitors. It keeps track of all your work to see your business progress. Other than that, it has integrated Google Analytics. Also, it works with analysis, visuals, and reports to let you know your website performance. It also helps you to manage social media with appropriate content.

So what features makes it buying worthy are :

  • user-friendly dashboard

  • Tracks your progress and suggest accordingly

  • A worthy tool to keep an eye on the social media pages

  • Fast scans pages

  • Easy to understand, easy to use.

Click here to visit Diib


Price: Premium starts from $29 per month

Jarvis is a well-known AI tool for SEO. It is easy-to-use content writing software to help grow your business. It is built for entrepreneurs to create high-converting articles. It helps with writing emails, social media posts, ads, and much more. It has a virtual personal assistant used for writing better and optimizing content. It can write YouTube Script, Product Descriptions, Books, and more. Other than that, it has 50+ templates available to choose from.

So what features makes it buying worthy are :

  • best for writing detailed articles
  • build effective communication with its words
  • tested and proved to improve conversion rates
  • edit incomplete sentences to make them more relevant.

Click here to visit

11. Acrolinx

Acrolinx is an AI tool for business people who want to optimize content for search results. It has integrated with most popular software like Microsoft Word and Google Docs. However, It supports English, Chinese, French, and many more. This tool enables you to find requirements for the preferred choice of words and phrases. Acrolinx provides a guided content creation process with feedback for created content. Also, guides to have clarity and consistency to be in line with the brand.Moreover, It works with Analytics Dashboard to provide insights on the latest trends.

So what features makes it buying worthy are :

  • It improves the quality of content.
  • Gives feedback on grammar errors, and sentence structure for boosting efficiency.
  • Acrolinx ensures brand consistency.

Click here to visit Acrolinx

12. Outranking

Price: Premium starts from $39 per month

Outranking is AI-based content writing software to improve SERP ranking. It helps create featured snippets, outlines, and briefs. This tool captures user intent and identifies ranking opportunities. It does know about which data is relevant to the user. It writes content that is Search engine optimized that helps in creating more revenue.

So what features makes it buying worthy are :

  • integrated SEO Surfer
  • Writes geo-based content
  • Detailed SERP analysis
  • step by step instructions for creating a highly SEO optimized content
  • their research tab allows comparing your content to the top-ranked content in the SERP

Click here to visit OutRanking

13. WriterZen

Price: Premium starts from $27 per month

WriterZen is a toolset for everyday SEO and content needs. It explores keywords that can rank at the quickest time. Also, it provides a Search Intent Analysis tool to help you out at SEO funnel campaigns. WriterZen saves your time researching and analyzing for ranking keywords. Also, it recommends ideal headings, paragraph structure, and outlines to rank content with ease.

So what features makes it buying worthy are :

  • easy-use interface

  • plagiarism checker is a plus here

  • keyword clustering is among the best in the market.

  • It offers live customer supports

Click here to visit WriterZen

14. Rytr

Price: Premium starts from $29 per month

Rytr is best used for content generation and as a writing assistant. Rytr is an AI-based writing tool that helps you in creating content with minimal time and effort. After inputting the content type and essentials, it generates worthy content in seconds. It can write anything and everything for you. It can generate anything like ad copies to emails to creative content. It is a top choice for every type of writer.

So what features makes it buying worthy are :

  • It is a most used tool by experts to write short forms of content.
  • It offers multiple languages and tones.
  • best for generating catchy headlines
  • It offers plugins to work in WordPress
  • It is an All-in-one tool for quality writing and grammar checks
  • reasonably priced
  • API integration support.
  • The free version allows creating 5,000 characters per month

Click here to visit Rytr


To conclude, AI SEO tools are a great resource to use for any business owner. It helps optimize your content and achieve better search engine rankings. Also, SEO techniques are more powerful than paid ads that users might take unreliable. Matching the search intent with the written content is what Google wants from you. AI can help you improve CTR, dual-time, and user experience to boost conversion rates.Quite simply, AI is the future of SEO. AI tools will help you out to more relevant content faster and earn better organic results. It has become a necessity in this competitive edge. So, you have to seize early on.

All the best!



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