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Best Paid SEO Tools

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Your business doesn't seem to grow. So, are you wondering about the paid SEO tools? Then you have jumped up at the right place!

We will discuss the best-paid SEO tools you need to rank #1 on Google.

Do you find SEO confusing? Don't worry. You're not alone. A lot of entrepreneurs are struggling with the same problem. It is difficult for beginners. But using the best SEO tools is easy. Remember, there's no shortcut to success. Attaining the goal of SEO is next to impossible without proper SEO software. If you work and apply suitable tools for your business - it will level up your brand. There are a handful of tools that are amazing for bloggers and will solve all your SEO problems.

Why Use SEO Tools?

Tools measure your website's performance. SEO marketers are using paid tools as a necessary thing. Using SEO tools will help you compete in the content world. Because planning, researching, and strategies are some crucial parts of the content hub. You can generate accurate results with a click. You'll get to know some errors that might be holding your rankings. Using paid tools makes keyword research easy and thus gives accurate results. They are authentic. You can better analyze each part of your strategy about if it's working or not. Improving your business without researching and developing strategies can be difficult. All business people tend to put their data in spreadsheets and analyze them- that needs a lot of effort. It can be inaccurate too. You can save your precious hours by switching to paid tools.

What Do You Need To Make SEO Perfect?

Referring to the views of google - the core points of SEO strategy always remained the same. The pages should have the correct tags for keywords not for PPC but also CTA and conversion rates.

Here are some tips which can make SEO perfect:

  • Should use catchy titles.

  • Web pages should have unique titles.

  • Content should be SEO friendly

  • Competitor analysis to get more insights

  • Organic links that will improve engagements

  • Tracking system to check your audience

  • More interactions to get noticed

Key Features of Paid Tools

If investing some penny is not an issue and you want immediate results. It would be great if going with paid tools because they offer:

1. All-in-one Tools Kit

Paid SEO tools include all essential aspects of your website. They offer complete SEO packages to analyze web pages.

2. Heatmaps

Some paid tools include quality data for improving conversion rates. Also, they display data values in the form of a diagram.

3. Ranking summary

It is an essential part to track your positions on the internet for fixed keywords. Some paid tools are well versed to see what ranking you are at for your site.

4. Backlink Analysis

Finding the data in or around backlinks is necessary when you do some backlink audits.

5. Customization

These kinds of tools tend to have custom options that can best suit your business.

6. Cloud-based services

Memberships often give you backed data. Free tools have cloud services but for limited amounts. Moreover, membership tools provide customer support services.

Paid Tools VS Free Tools

Both free and paid tools are likely to give you benefits. But are you aware of the differences between them? Paid tools capabilities are farther than several free tools combined. Free tools give you results slow and offer limited access to data.


  • Used for marketing and management purposes
  • Used as an all-in-one tool
  • helps in competitor analysis
  • Finds best keywords
  • Automate on-site analysis
  • Discovers site audits
  • Tracks KPI
  • Access ROI

How To Choose The Right SEO Tool?

There are hundreds of tools in the market. But they are not equal. Only some of them will provide you with a complete package of tools. But there's a way to do SEO in the shortest time possible. You have to take several things into account. The first thing to consider is your business goals. Next, do not forget the size of your business and how competitive the market is. 

Now, you may be able to find the best-paid tools from the following.

Paid SEO Tools List

There are tons of SEO tools out there but, from those, some of them are worth the money. I have mentioned every relevant point with all the best SEO tools given here. These best-paid SEO tools will make it easier to optimize your search engine ranking. There's no need to try all these tools listed here. You have to find what particular best suits your business.

Just keep reading!

1. Ahrefs

Price: starts from $99 per month

Annual subscriptions have a 16% discount. Ahrefs is a most used tool by marketers and web developers. It is pretty much easy to use and keeps simple data visualization. Ahrefs can be a tool you need to increase your online presence. For subscription users, it has a wide range of SEO helpers. The dashboard provides a summary of rankings, traffic, and backlinks. It has at least 16 trillion links after Google. Moreover, their index is expansive. Ahrefs' best feature is the site explorer that gathers in-depth research. You can see competitors' backlinks, building profiles, and traffic data. You can research keywords for difficulty-level search volumes and clicks. It tracks your search engine rankings and compares them with that of competitors. Annual subscriptions have a 16% discount.

Toolset includes

a. Site Explorer

b. Keywords Explorer

c. Site Audit

d. Content Explorer

e. Rank Tracker


  • friendly customer service

  • All-round examination of website's SEO

  • documentation available for all


  • no mobile app

  • Lacks API integration

  • No online training


2. SEMrush

Price: starts from $99 per month

Annual subscriptions have a 17% discount. It is an all-in-one tool that audits data at your fingertips. Furthermore, it provides a comprehensive keyword report that can be paramount to SEO. These SEO tools kits can analyze links from another website to yours. Likewise, it helps in identifying competitors' principle referring sites. Thus provides bounce rates and average session duration. Additionally, layout with a performance of domains you manage. SEMrush has good mentions from its users.

It is currently a top SEO service due to its range of features.

a. Keyword research

b. Backlinks analysis

c. Competitors research

d. Digital marketing


  • Check keywords, backlinks, competitors, and more

  • Better analyze competitor sites

  • Quality Site audits for SEO

  • Have comprehensive tools set


  • Have some complicated terms

  • No API access in the basic plan


3. Screaming frog SEO Spider

Price: starts from £149.00 per year

The most crucial part of SEO strategy is to examine your website's present state. At its heart, auditing is best done by Screaming frog SEO Spider. It is a web crawler that finds errors like plagiarism, broken links, redirect chains, & many more. To be blunt, it is an effective web crawler. It checks for your URL and broken links. It can save some of your time solving the '404 error'. It also provides the checking of meta tags and title tags for each page. You can extract information from different websites and analyze their SEO strategy. It converts complex data to a readable format. It creates diagrams to understand the site's architecture. SEO Spider gives access to an unlimited number of URLs at once. Thus you can frequently investigate 100s of subdomains. SEO spider checks for reluctant heading and description.


  • Excellent crawling feature

  • Used by experts of SEO

  • Synced with Google analytics

  • Search Console integration


  • No cloud-based service is available

  • Lacking user interface


4. Moz pro

Price: starts from $99 per month

Yearly subscriptions have a 20% discount. It's a tool that would save some subscription pennies. It's an ever-leading platform founded in 2004 for both small and large businesses. But perfect for businesses that are new to SEO. It has countless SEO-related tasks. It can perform keyword research, link building, site audits, rank tracking, and more.


  • Is user friendly

  • Lots of useful tools

  • Huge amount of data

  • Allows custom searches


  • No mobile app


5. Mangools KWFinder


Price: starts from $29.90 per month

It will turn out to be a miracle tool when used as a keyword finder. You can research keywords with a custom range of filters. What's more, you can find the keyword search volume and the difficulty level. To be blunt, it is a tool I recommend because of its simple user experience design.

There are a bunch of other elements like:

a. backlink analyzer,

b. rank tracker, and

c. SERP analyzer.

Moreover, it is better value for money than other SEO platforms.


  • Clean UI

  • Better keyword research for any niche


  • Limited tools set

  • Lack tracking rankings of domains.

  • Don't avail checking for website position on SERP.


6. Surfer

Price: starts from $49 per month

Annual subscriptions have a 17% discount. Surfer is a must-have tool for On-page SEO. It turns out to make content optimizing much easier. SurferSEO built content strategies that can suit your domain. It saves hours by suggesting ideal keywords, word count, and more. It also helps you identify content gaps and structural errors. It lets you know what keywords can rank and what doesn't. One of the best-part to include Surfer in your SEO strategy is its Content editor. It crawls competitors' sites for keyword research. It serves its purpose by having a 7-day money-back guarantee if you change your mind later.


  • Easy-to-use

  • NLP feature

  • Fantastic content Editor

  • Nice SERP analyzer


  • A bit costly


7. Majestic

Price: starts from $49.99 per month

All you want is the adjustments for backlinks? Then Majestic would be a great tool to use. It tends to analyze where your link is coming from and how much traffic each backlink is giving. Also, it is perfect to know your rank in search engines. It has a feature to compare link profiles of different sites. It includes a 'Majestic Million' feature. That displays the top 1 million ranking websites. Nonetheless, it's a most affordable paid tool that will fit your unique budget.


  • Has at least 9 trillion unique URLs

  • Many features

  • Excellent competitor websites analysis

  • Huge amount of data


  • Lacks google analytics integration


8. Advanced Web Ranking

Price: starts from $49.99 per month

Annual subscriptions have a 10% discount. It is a powerful tool used for tracking google rankings. AWR tracks all search engines like amazon and yahoo. It does all the things you expect. It allows different users/clients to add on one subscription. AWR is a good option for auditing and backlinking. Furthermore, it gives comprehensive insights with customized filters. Also, it has evolved with local search engines, social reporting, and site crawling. It has one crucial feature to store a cached copy of the search engine results pages.


  • Google analytics integrated

  • Best rank tracking and in-depth rank reports

  • Cloud-based

  • Search on many different geographic areas

  • Fast to use and customize

  • Amazing interface

  • Saves historical rankings


  • Exporting feature should improve


9. Raven tools

Price: starts from $39 per month

It is a great all-in-one tool for all small to large companies. It is best for "off-page" SEO and detailed reports. It creates clean and informative reports in seconds. It organizes and stores lots of data. Other than that, it helps in exploring backlinks, site-auditing, competitor analysis, and more. In my view, it is easy to use because of its ability to put everything in one location.


  • Affordable tool

  • Easy and beautiful reports

  • Integrated google analytics

  • Integrated Google search console

  • Fantastic customer service


  • Lacks customization

  • Do not provide geotargeting rankings


10. Spy Fu

Price: starts from $39 per month

It provides effective SEO and Pays Per Click research tools. These are well-designed for all business people. It's a tool to analyze competitors' keywords that rank and the ads they buy on google. SpyFu also compares searching words with search engine results. It can lead to improving organic traffic. Also, it describes which part is letting you fall and where you can make improvements.


  • Easy to use

  • Cheapest rates

  • Customizable to your needs

  • Provides all PPC and SEO research

  • Unlimited export functionality


  • Information can be hard to figure out


11. Deep crawl

Price: starts from $89 per month 

It is a well-known tool for detailed SEO audits and technical SEO. It best provides the performance of your web pages. Also, it crawls a website from different perspectives. It uncovers a wide range of errors. It can compare with prior results. Moreover, it gives information about valuable insights in simple and detailed formats. Using it, you can create unlimited projects and searches. It provides export functionality with its cloud services.


  • Easy to use UI

  • Cloud-based service

  • Ability to add log files

  • Unlimited data search


  • Do not avail anchor text for redirect chain

  • High price in comparison to other tools

  • No feature of keyword research


12. BrightLocal

Price: starts from $29 per month

As the name suggests, it is perfect for local businesses who want to rank better.It is better to use it for On-site SEO and citations for your business. You can manage your reputation and better respond to comments.Besides, other tools can't beat BrightLocal's pricing for the same features.


  • Generates quick in-depth information

  • Monitor Reviews

  • Google Analytics Integration

  • Facebook Integration

  • White-label Reports

  • API Access


  • Lacks holistic SEO approach


13. Cognitive SEO

Price: starts from $129.99 per month

Annual subscriptions have a 30% discount. It's another all-in-one SEO tools platform. It is a perfect tool for digital marketing strategy and insights analysis. They stay up-to-date with their keywords. So, it is used for its capability to measure if your content will rank for the selected keywords or not. Additionally, it provides good results for backlink analysis and link building. It determines which link to allow and which link to disallow. Moreover, it covers all core areas of SEO. Core areas include URL analytics, backlink profile, content research, site audit, and more.


  • Better support system

  • Good for content optimization

  • Better to use as

  • backlink analyzer

  • Spot site's strengths and weaknesses


  • Complex user interface

  • Slow speed

  • Acknowledge errors but don't fix them


14. BuzzSumo

Price: starts from $99 per month

Annual subscriptions have a 20% discount. It is an excellent platform with superior qualities. It's a content marketing tool loved by all marketers ever since founded in 2013. It is best for optimizing website content. Moreover, it has 8 billion articles and over 300 trillion engagements. Furthermore, BuzzSumo is for social media management and finding competitors' backlinks. You can share and download unlimited content. You can't imagine what BuzzSumo can give you. It keeps a close eye on your competitors and their content.


  • Generates new content ideas

  • Recommends better LSIs

  • Avail influencer searches


  • High in pricing


15. WooRank

Price: starts from $79.99 per month

WooRank is best known for site crawling. It keeps analyzing backlinks and gives information about backlink scores. It provides information about errors and its solution. Also, it generates website reviews to achieve higher search engine rankings. The more you can find is backlinks monitoring, Facebook analyzer, influencers, and more. It displays information in colors, graphs, and tables.


  • Good customer service

  • Provides google analytics data

  • Provides google search console data


  • Lacks competitor analyzing

  • Only for small businesses


16. Rank Tracker

Price: starts from $299.99 / 2 years

It is an All-in-one platform perfect for small businesses. It is a powerful tool for keyword research and monitoring search engine rankings. You can find high search volume keywords that are worth using. It tracks for Bing and Yahoo too. It has fantastic auditing features too, which is a real gem. It recommends modifications to do on the web page to improve rankings.


  • Clean interface and easy to use

  • All-in-one SEO tool

  • Detailed analysis and comprehensive report

  • Easy guide available


  • Costly compared to other tools

  • Few bugs are here and there

  • The customer support team is slow


17. CitationLabs

Price: starts from $47 per month

It is more focused on Link Building. It helps in finding new web pages to link with and replacing 404 pages with a working link. It does organize domains and URLs by the number of outbound links. CitationLabs has a link prospector which works as a backlink search engine. It also helps to find out contact information for your better relationship development. It introduces your brand to your target zip. Also, find local sponsorship opportunities to connect your businesses.


  • Building brand recognition

  • Link building


  • Highest prices


18. SEObuddy

Price: starts from $47 per month

It is an ideal software for small and midsize companies. Software helping users with complicated backlinks. It also creates SEO-optimized content.

It consists of a bunch of elements like:

  • Backlink analysis
  • Competitor performance monitor
  •  Tracks keywords performance
  • Competitor analysis
  • Backlink auditing tool


  • Google analytics integration

  • All-in-one SEO tool

  • User-friendly


  • No cons known till now


19. SerpStat

Price: starts from $69 per month

Annual subscriptions have a 20% discount.

SerpStat also covers full SEO, SEM, and PPC tools. It does site analysis, check backlinks, audits, competitive analysis, and daily rank tracking.


  • Solid keyword research

  • Generous rank tracking

  • Clean UI

  • in-depth URL analysis

  • Complete SERP research  


  • a bit expensive

  • shows fewer competitor backlinks


20. SERanking

Price: starts from $31 per month

Annual subscriptions have a 20% discount. SERanking is an all-in-one SEO tool. It performs keyword research, On-page audits, social media management, and more. It is perfect for small businesses. The software also provides a complete set of tools for competitor analysis. Besides this feature, it includes White labels and Marketing Plans.


  • easy to navigate


  • lacks 24/7 customer support


SEO is a long-term process. Selecting the appropriate tool will help you in succeeding by your competitors. We have shared all the "best of the best" SEO tools. Must include these tools in your SEO strategy to achieve high rankings on search engines.


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