Best Web Hosting Services with Effective SEO Tools in 2022

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Best Web Hosting Services with Effective SEO Tools in 2022

02/16/2022 12:00 AM by TheChiefHustler in Seo

There are a lot of web hosting services over the internet that claim to improve your site's SERP rankings. But, have you ever wondered if all of them are good web hosting providers? No, they are not! As I have tried and tested some of the commonly used services, I can tell you the best web hosting service providers. In truth, Search Engine Optimization is all about quality information that is easily accessible. Or I can say it's a marketing tactic providing a better user experience to the audience with quality content. Search engines such as Google prefer to rank the site with a great user experience. Selecting the wrong provider will do a lot of harm to your site's SEO. This is why you need the best web hosting service provider with great uptime and loading speeds.


What Is Web Hosting?

In a nutshell, web hosting means posting web pages on the internet. Because of web hosting only, your website or application can be uploaded on the internet. Web hosting is the space on a large web server from where all the web files are made accessible to the audience.

Whenever anyone types the domain name of the website, the web hosting site then sends the respective content to view and interact with it.


Web Hosting Service Providers


Web hosting services offer the facilities needed to create and maintain a website and have it accessible on the internet. So, basically, what happens is you pay a web hosting provider to have some space on the internet. They have different hosting plans according to the different business needs. Hosting provider typically offers the following features:

1. They register the unique domain name for your website.

2. They provide you with the files, and content to make up the website.

3. They have backup options to copy your website and save it to another location to restore it later.

4. Web hosting providers scan and remove any kind of threats found on your website. It secures your site and potentially throws out malware and viruses if any.

5. Its professional emailing service manages your business communications.

6. Its performance stats make you aware of your site's performance and monthly traffic.

7. It gives technical support whenever needed.


Characteristics of Best Web Hosting service for SEO

I've noticed that websites ranking higher on Google are actually hosted on hosting providers. This is because web hosting service providers load your site faster and have all the SEO-specific tools. I have considered and analyzed the six best web hosting providers currently available with their features. This will help you get your business spread wider. You will find here my unbiased opinion on all of these best hosting services with SEO tools. These tools are proven to help with enhancing SEO. Some standout features include:


SEO Tools

You can enhance your site’s performance on Google without an expert. Web hosting services come with effective SEO tools. And a lot of hosts have free tools to go with. You just have to know the next steps for the site's SEO.


Great Loading Speeds.

It’s no secret that Google prefers to rank the sites having fast-loading time. Google tends to give the best possible user experience. Also, no user over the internet visits a website again if its loading is slow.



Downtime usually does not affect the ranking in the search engine result pages. Yet, if your website is offline, it will surely increase the bounce rate of your site. An increase in the bounce rates can lose your valuable customers and may result in penalties. The hosts given in this article have great uptime records with reliable guarantees.


Secure Socket Layer

A free SSL certificate encrypts all data on the site. Thus, it's an important trait for websites that handle sensitive user data. SSL is a security protocol between the server and the web browser. Google focuses on users' data security and thus lowers the rank of the websites without SSL. has confirmed that websites without an SSL.


Best Web Hosting Service with effective SEO Tools


1. Hostinger – with excellent loading speeds and SEO tools

Hostinger is the best with the cheapest web hosting provider to help boost your site's SEO. It has 3 plans with all the essential features at a very low price as compared to others. It's plans start from Rs. 69/month. It is ranked the top based on its performance. Hostinger's SEO toolkit solves technical as well as architectural issues of your website. It gives feedback reports also on the site's content. It generates various SEO measures to do for improving rankings. Hostinger offers its custom panel and UI to give its users all the features very easily. It's an all-in-one solution for any website under their one-year shared plan. They allow free domain/year with SSL, daily backup, content delivery network with most of the plans.




  • Entry-level plans have limited resources, but it's premium upgrade gives unlimited website configuration.
  • It has weekly automated backups with the cheap premium plan which is not available on the Single Shared plan.
  • For WordPress optimization, Hostinger has pre-installed LiteSpeed Cache. The plugin is easily installed into the dashboard and thus helps in improving the WordPress site's performance.
  • Hostinger has data centers on four different continents. Wherever your potential audience is, it boosts the site's work by choosing the right location based on the data center.
  • Hostinger’s control panel makes it more simplified to install and use any of your CMS. Its hPanel can set up a complete site and access your SEO Tools.


2. A2 Hosting – best for optimized CMS installations

A2 Hosting is perfect if your key priority is consistent performance. Its shared hosting plans slightly need more pennies to use than its competitors. However, the extra security tools and caching techniques are worth the difference. It's plans start from $2.99/month. If you are having a mid-sized business, you can definitely start with its entry-level plans. Yet, I recommend using the Turbo Max plan for getting the maximal output of its impressive SEO features. A2 Hosting does not furnish its software with SEO tools as in Hostinger’s SEO tool kit. Still, you can set up all the useful software by its installer.



  • For every kind of CMS you use such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, etc, A2 has its optimized installations. It provides a one-click setup that can be very useful for you to easily install it.
  • Performance settings are preconfigured at A2 hosting. Thus, you can directly start with building up your website.
  • Turbo servers. A2 hosting has Turbo web servers with additional resources. Its Turbo Max plans to run on optimized web servers with built-in caching.
  • Your website's speed can boost 20X with A2 hosting. According to A2's, you could get your website to load fastest because of the Turbo server.
  • You can expect to have your website never go down due to less traffic by its performance plus add-on at very low rates.
  • Its DDoS protection obstructs a web server by an immense flood of traffic. DDoS is the distributed denial-of-service attack and A2 has reinforced DDoS security to stop any kind of cyberattacks. This surely shows its consequences as your site becomes unfeatured, and thus results in your rankings on SERPs.


3. Bluehost – best for new sites

Bluehost is a trustworthy web hosting service and is considered the best provider for new websites. It gives a great shared hosting plan for newbies starting at Rs. 179 a month. This offers one free domain name and SSL certification for a year. Moreover, it gives plenty of customer support with just one click. It offers WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, as its main packages. You can also set up WooCommerce, register domains, and purchase extra services.



  • All packages have the Bluehost Control Panel and customized setting options. The redesigned, enhanced, and customized Control Panel makes it even easier to use. It is easily able to manage registration, hosting, renewals, email configuration, and more.
  • Here you get a unified login through which you can manage all your Bluehost accounts. Also, you can easily manage all the services. It gives easy upgrades, email management, and technical support resources to make up the necessary changes.
  • It gives 24/7 customer support. Moreover, Bluehost includes assisting its customers with WordPress website launches.
  • With Bluehost, they give you easy access to apps. You can grow your business and manage your website easily with smooth time building by its multiple site tools.
  • It gives various ways to launch a website. You can use any CMS system such as WordPress platform, goMobi, Weebly, or upload files using File Manager.
  • Give one-click access at MOJO marketplace to a lot of add-ons or applications. These add-on plugins include various designs to put on your website.


4. SiteGround – managed WordPress hosting

SiteGround offers one of the cheapest and most efficient WordPress hosting plans. You can never ignore such a provider or else it will cost you later. It's plans start from $3.99/month. SiteGround is being considered as a developer-oriented service but there is much more than that for beginners as well. WP service managed by SiteGround consists of one-click installation, everyday backups, automated updates, and many more. Other than this, SiteGround’s Optimizer plugin straight away customizes your WordPress installation. It results in optimal performance on the platform of SiteGround. In terms of Search Engine Optimisation, better speed is always a plus point.

Site Tools are a kind of very easy-to-use control panel with a clean and user-friendly interface that you too will love to use. Unlike with cPanel, you get some amazing features to view statistics of a site like new visitors, and page visits. It is due to the help of the Site Statistics tab available on the platform. Additionally, these can improve your content strategy and Search Engine Optimisation. One of the special benefits you get is the specialized tech support by SiteGround for WordPress which you won't get if you choose other hosts.



  • It offers WordPress Starter Wizard. The starter wizard is an interactive and a step by step guide for you to build your first website. You can find various professional WordPress themes in the package. You can easily add functions like an online store, portfolio, or contact form during setup.
  • All the plans provided by SiteGround run on Apache + Nginx web servers specially designed for speed. Out of the GrowBig pr GoGeek plan, if you choose any of these then you can also access the SiteGround's SuperCacher. It can improve your site's performance drastically.
  • Recently, SiteGround got partnered with Google Cloud Platform. For all of its managed WordPress plans and shared hostings. By default, the new clients are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. It results in better stability, performance, and scalability.
  • Using Linux Containers (LXC) technology makes sure that the user accounts are completely isolated from each other, irrespective of being on the same server. It makes sure that even your neighbors do not dig into your allocated resources or spread any kind of security infringement to your website.


5. HostGator – most budget-friendly web hosting provider

HostGator is one of the oldest and biggest web hosting companies in the world. It's basic shared hosting plans are set up at Rs. 79/month. In this digital industry, they have a solid average uptime of 99.99% in the last year. HostGator's shared hosting tariffs offer free domain registration and free SSL certificate. It gives unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth. Also, they have excellent customers with live chat and answering questions in a few seconds. But, other extra services like security and a backup plan are available for an additional fee. Also, after the first plan expires, the renewal rate rises aggressively.



  • It easily sets up email campaigns from cPanel. A relevant email according to the domain of your business is crucial for your online presence. You might not find such a feature but HostGator's entry-level hosting plan provides you with this feature.
  • HostGator plans to provide unlimited storage to store all the files.
  • HostGator enables you to buy or transfer or register domain names from one place only.
  • Ads play an integral role in brand building and site awareness of the site. HostGator's plans include $15 in Google ads and $100 in Bing ads credit.
  • HostGator's plan does not restrict the traffic which your site can handle.
  • It has easy app integrations. HostGator includes installation on a click and you can sync with different apps to host your pages, especially WordPress.
  • By any plan of HostGator, you receive an SSL certificate ensuring a safe and protected website for your customers.
  • With HostGator, you can get hosting according to the traffic on your site. Be it ten of thousands in a month, you can go for the Dedicated Server. It comes at a relatively higher cost. Shared server options for small and medium-sized businesses can cut costs by sharing space on the server with other clients.
  • Irrespective of being on any shared server, HostGator keeps your info and site private and protected by VPS. The shared servers are digitally divided into small sections by some software configuration. It helps your site to be separate and secure without hosting on an entirely new server.


6. Dreamhost – the lowest spent in the beginning

Dreamhost pricing for WordPress starts at $1.99/month. With Dreamhost, You get a customized dashboard with a one-click WP installer having all WordPress updates. It offers unlimited space, bandwidth, and solid-state drives that make your site 150% faster. DreamHost handles over 2 million WordPress websites. It's a recommended WordPress hosting service provider. WordPress Beginner customers have an exclusive 72% off offer and a free domain with an SSL certificate. DreamHost is considered the top-rated because of its reliable hosting. They’ve won various awards, but it's so hard to use when you require a lot of help getting started.

They have slower email-based support and limited live chat hours. I recommend DreamHost to those who want to start at the lowest investments with a high uptime guarantee in their SEO journey. Also, you should be able to figure out the things yourself using the detailed knowledge base.



  • Its custom control panel provides admin access to all of the DreamHost products. You can quickly update domain names, modify email settings, add users, gain access to promotions, and more.
  • DreamHost gives one-click installation of websites like WordPress with complete uptime guaranteed. With different data-based locations, constant monitoring, and emergency generators, they offer high uptime.
  • They just offer award-winning 24/7 support to their users. According to them, no question is too easy, or too hard for their team experts.
  • DreamHost gives access to unlimited Email with POP/IMAP/SMTP accounts. Also, added support for filtering, webmail, autoresponders, and advanced spam protection.
  • They give Encrypted free Secure Socket Layer certificates on all domains. Thus, the data passing over could be safely encrypted.
  • DreamHost makes it easy to back up your data to keep it safe. They have automated backups for WordPress sites every day.



This was all about it! Finding a result-driven web hosting service with effective SEO tools is not an easy task. However, I have made it easy for you by compiling the top web hosting providers of 2022. I am sure you will not regret giving any of them a try. The most affordable and trustworthy providers from my view are Hostinger and HostGator. They have a simple pricing structure and offer different features with customized options. So, just start with any of the best tools given in this article right now!



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