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Blog Commenting Sites List

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Blog commenting is an effective way of marketing if done correctly. And blog commenting sites are the ultimate weapon to do so. They expand your reach over the web and drive traffic to your blog. So, just read till the end to know all about it. Other than that, I have mentioned the complete sites list to comment on and have better SEO benefits. Now, let's get started!


What is Blog Commenting?

You may know all about what commenting is and how it is done. Blog commenting is also the same. So, it is the process of posting a comment with your website link. Doing comments on the blog establishes a relationship between the writer & the readers. So it goes like reading a blog and leaving an appreciative comment to the writer. Also, you can state what values the content has given and what you have learned from it. This exchanges your ideas, beliefs, or opinions with all the other people reading the blog. Thus, doing these healthy discussions leads to blogs being more interactive. It helps the writer a lot as people talk and share it through the comments. But is it also valuable to the reader who has commented on the blog? Yes obviously!


Importance Of Blog Commenting

It is a great and effective way for a website's SEO if done correctly. Here’s how:

1) Improves Traffic To Your Site

Adding your views on these mentioned commenting sites tend to increase your visibility over the web. And when you are more visible, people will like to visit your site other than your competitors. Thus, the main point here is to increase your exposure to the most number of people related to your industry. Also, if you select highly authoritative sites to leave a comment on, it would be very beneficial. Other readers can then click over to your site's link if they find your comment interesting. They’ll do so because they would like to hear from experts that are consistent in the related industry. And that’s how it increases traffic to your website.

2) Brand Recognition

Valuable commenting on the blog posts establishes trust and credibility. Once you start to constantly comment on the sites, people will remember you as an expert in that market. Adding values that are useful to people leads them to recognize you as having the proper knowledge in the context. Then they might start following you and the brand after having trust. Even if they do not follow your brand immediately, don't worry. They will remember and consider the brand while buying something.

3) Get Connected With Top Influencer

Over time, consistently commenting helps in building relations with the top influencers. Eventually, it opens up new business opportunities. It is because, through these sites, they will start recognizing you and your brand. Then, you may also introduce them to your services to convert this friendly relation into a business lead. One other benefit of building a relationship is that you may get a chance to guest post on their site. With the high authoritative sites, it is easier to get connected with top influencers.

4) Comment Backlinks

Remember, if your Domain Authority is less, it will be difficult for you to increase organic visitors to your site. To do that, you need to use these blog commenting sites. This will create a backlink to your site which increases the DA score and hence traffic. Here also, the quality of the comments matters more than their quantity. Although some websites may not pass on the link juice. So, you must try to get a do-follow backlink to see the desired results.


How To Find A Beneficial Blog Commenting Site?

There are some important parameters to look at for getting expected outputs:

1) Relevancy

First, find the blogs where your target users visit the most. You should identify the sites that are relevant to your niche. For example, a health and fitness-related comment won't work on a technology-based blog.


2) High Domain Authority

The next step is to check whether the site is receiving high traffic or not. You should not comment on any random website without knowing its authority. This is because, from less authoritative sites, you can expect desired results.


3) Do-Follow Links

From comments, you may get either a do-follow link or a no-follow link. From these, a do-follow link helps in getting SEO benefits and providing link juice. Thus, it makes your website rank higher on search engine result pages.


How to check if it is a do-follow link?


  1. Open the website from the link given below.
  2. Type your comment there.
  3. Right-click on your comment link to examine that. (This can only be done on the desktop).
  4. Click on the inspect to see that the link is do-follow or no-follow.


Tools Used in Blog Commenting


There are no such tools available for this purpose. But some automated tools do this job of commenting in bulk. And these kinds of tools must be ignored completely by all. Doing anything like that may result in counting your site as spam.


Tips To Write A Good Blog Comment

Below are some tips that will help you to write effective comments on blog commenting sites. You can do:

1. Finding blog posts related to your niche is the utmost important thing. To search on Google for the site on the related niche, you should browse:

Keyword + “add your comment”.

Keyword + “submit your comment”.

Keyword + “add comment”.

Keyword + “submit comment”

2. Reveal your correct and genuine details on these sites. It is easier to get comment approval when you put real information there.

3. Another most important thing to keep in mind is to add some value to the comment. Write about how this post is helpful to others. And it must be noticeable and different from others.

4. Don't ever over-promote the post by writing wow and fantastic words. No one wants to read such comments. Instead, adding some value will promote your brand in the right manner.

5. Keep the comment brief and to the point. No one wants to read a long-form of content in the comment section. Also, don't

comment on the blogs which are having spam comments.

6. Ask for relevant questions to have a little attention. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with the post or not. Questions always attract attention and engage other readers.

7. First, read and understand what the blogger is trying to explain before commenting. Not only that, you should read the first few comments to know how your comment would be.

8. Early commenting is considered good to be more visible to others. Must try to post engaging comments as early as possible to get the most of the attention of top influencers.

9. Keep following the blogs on which you have put a comment. Regular follow-ups with high DA sites will let you always be an early commenter. Domain Name DA
1 Backlinko 63
2 Elegant Themes Blog 90
3 AdvanceWebRanking 55
4 51
5 SmartBlogger 58
6 47
7 Niche Pursuits 52
8 RobbieRichards 41
9 Inspire to Thrive 39
10 Yaro Blog 50
11 Beaver Builder Blog 55
12 Blog 56
13 Torque Magazine 56
14 WP Tavern 57
15 Jungle Scout Blog 57
16 ThirstyAffiliates Blog 43
17 TroubleFixers 49
18 TechTricksWorld 43
19 TechWalls 59
20 HubsAdda  
21 AggiesKitchen 56
22 100 Days of Real Food 61
23 Fit Bottomed Girls 61
24 ManvsDebt 56
25 Small Business Trends 82
26 SeedTime 58
27 Making Sense of Cents 57
28 Doctor Of Credit 54
29 White Coat Investor  
30 IESE Blog Network 70
31 Smart Bitches Trashy Book 60
32 The Book Smugglers 56
33 Modern Mrs Darcy 55
34 46
35 TheShootingStar 52
36 LakshmiSharat 42
37 TravelDiaryParnashree  
38 Aha-Now 43
39 EverythingMom 45
40 DashofWellness 33
41 57
42 PurseBlog 69
43 Wit & Delight 52
44 Family Focus Blog 1
45 Centsational Style 65
46 Style By Emily Henderson 64
47 Swoon Worthy 49
48 Design Milk 1
49 Puppy Leaks 1
50 92


Wrapping up

Blog Commenting is an excellent way to drive more traffic to your site. It is an off-page SEO technique that truly shows results. So, now it’s time to give it a try and start driving ample leads and customers to your site. Best of Luck!


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