How exactly to use a backlink

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How exactly to use a backlink

12/25/2021 12:00 AM by TheChiefHustler in

Backlinks are considered one of the most opted things in SEO strategies. But the impact of backlinks differs by how they are used on the web page. Many factors influence the power of backlinks. Here, you will learn how to use a backlink to have its complete benefits. We'll cover:

1. How many backlinks do you need to rank #1?
2. Can you have too many backlinks?
3. Where to locate the backlinks?
4. How to check the backlinks of any website?
5. How should you not get backlinks?

Let's get started!

How Many Backlinks Do You Need To Rank #1?

Ranking number 1 at Google is a difficult task to undergo, but not impossible. The foremost thing is to have only high-quality backlinks that are related to your niche. Do read the post on the types of backlinks you need to know for SEO. The more backlinks you have, the better you will rank as compared to your competitors. Now, there is no specific number of how many backlinks you need. But it can be understood by comparing the top-ranked website on the search engine result page. You require backlinks that are more than the average of links your competitors have. Then, how will you find the number of backlinks of your competitors? You will get its answer later in this article.

Regardless of what you knew before, what comes first is quality rather than quantity. Of course, you may not rank #1 without having either of these factors. This is because having spammy links will only ruin the authority of your website. Instead, having only five good links tends to get you to the better or top positions either.

Your goal must be to get at least 100 backlinks from unique referring domains. These should also be from a relevant niche as your website. For this, you can read Proven ways to get free backlinks for your website. Also, you should keep in mind that your competitors are growing too. When you get 100 links, your competition might be even harder than before. All in all, there is no hard and fast rule on how many links are good enough. Because many factors come into play when we talk about Google rankings. Try to reach only those potential customers who can reach you to generate sales.
Can You Have Too Many Backlinks?

No, you should never get too many instant backlinks to a webpage. Of course, some websites have too many links and still rank higher. Also, they aren’t getting penalized for having too many backlinks. This means there isn't any rule on how many backlinks you can have. But when you are unnaturally growing many backlinks will be uncertain. Either they might provoke action or the algorithm may penalize you automatically. You should have some knowledge of backlinking algorithms used by Google to determine a site's ranking. So, the point is that getting many links in a short period is dangerous. Then what is the safe range of backlinks you can create per day? Let’s see! For best results, your backlink graph should look like a staircase. That means there must not be any unnatural spikes of links counting. So, you should avoid building tonnes of backlinks at once.

The slow progress of link building is natural and is not seen as spam by Google. But, if the Google PageRank algorithm notices this unusual process, it will give a penalty. Your ultimate aim is to try to double your total backlinks per year. It is difficult to do and depends on how much time you spend on link building.

Where to locate the backlinks?

Are you aware of the fact that the location of the backlink also matters a lot? So, on which part of the content should be placed to have its most impact. It sounds weird, right? Well, it is known that the first link on a page is the most valuable one. This means that it will have the greatest benefits of a backlink. Besides this, the greater the number of links a page has, the less value each of the links will own. Let us understand this more. If a page has only one link from their content, that backlink to you will give more SEO benefits. Moreover, if your link is at the bottom of a web page having many other links will have fewer SEO benefits.


How To Check Backlinks Of Any Website?

It is crucial to measure your SEO progress by knowing how many backlinks you have on your web page. Several tools help in analyzing and evaluating your backlinks for their value. From those, SEMrush is considered as the best backlink checker present up to date. Moreover, it is one of the most powerful tools to check the effectiveness of backlinks. It unveils outstanding link-building opportunities to perform well on search engines. Here we'll guide you to understand the entire workings of operating SEMrush. Once logged into your SEMrush account, copy-paste the URL.

This will show you a complete overview of your website. This includes your profitable keywords, competitors' progress, and the backlinks being used. Then go to the backlinks option in the domain analytics menu to find the sites linking to your page.

SEMrush users can only access a limited number of results per search. Free access tracks only 10 keywords, which is not enough to get a comprehensive analysis. SEMrush Pro users can have access to analysis reports that are free from all limitations. Hence, if you want to get a detailed analysis, you should opt for the pro account.

This list can be accessed using the .csv file to proceed with classifying the results. This data will then clear your direction on how to proceed with the link strategy. SEMrush offers many graphs and pie charts to display information engagingly. That makes it easier for you to understand everything. SEMrush uses more than a billion websites from their database to see who is linking to your domain. SEMrush has integrated Google Search Console which allows scanning a huge number of links.

How should you not get backlinks?

There are many black-hat link-building practices everyone knows for sure. Buying and purchasing links is a faulty link-building technique that should be avoided. Although search engines won't recognize whether a link is paid or natural. But there are plenty of clues that signal faulty plays with Google's algorithm. If purchasing links has caught, it can damage a website's ranking severely. Besides, getting many links instant results in a Google penalty. Then, how should you get backlinks? You can do it either by Guest posting or other reliable methods. So, make sure to maintain a natural link-building strategy. Sometimes a low-quality website may send a do-follow link to your website. This will make the search engines' bots recognize your website as spam. To defend your website from this type of backlink play, try to remove it immediately. You must deny those links from irrelevant niches or websites that may lower your reputation by unnaturally linking to you. Another most common mistake to avoid is anchor text overload. An anchor text tells the search engines what your website is all about. This overload happens if you use the same keywords for every backlink you create. You should use the related long-tail keywords that mix up with the content structure. Also, try to avoid focusing on quantity instead of the quality of the backlinks. Google prefers high-quality backlinks to have many low-quality backlinks with irrelevant niches.


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