How to create a digital marketing campaign that is result driven?

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How to create a digital marketing campaign that is result driven?

03/28/2023 9:25 PM by TheChiefHustler in Seo

Today, we are here to tell you more about how to formulate a strategy that is sure to drive extraordinary results for your business.

TIP 1: Always know your target audience

Defining your TG is extremely important and a primary requirement before coming up with a digital  marketing strategy because if you are not clear on the people you want to target, your strategy, no matter how creative and well designed, will be ineffective because you won’t be reaching your potential consumer.

One of the major rookie mistakes that a lot of marketers do is to target a broader audience.  I want you to understand that just because we have that as an option, doesn’t mean that is the best option. Instead, it is better to segment your audience based on place, age group, gender and likewise; then have a different campaigns or strategies in place for these segmented audiences.

For instance, if you run an eCommerce portal and sell funky t-shirts, make sure to know exactly who your end consumers are. In this case, it will be college students as well as fandom's of various t.v. shows, superhero fan following, etc. rather than just vaguely targeting 18 to 40 year old.

Focused targeting will allow you to have a cost effective strategy as well as give you a better ROI .

TIP 2: Define a buyer’s persona


Once, we have defined our target audience, we need to make sure that we understand the characteristics of our buyers/potential consumers.

Going further with the above example of eCommerce portal funky shirts; this is the step where you map out a buyer’s persona so as to be able to understand where your potential consumer is going to be on the internet. In our example, these college students, t.v. series fandom's, superhero fan following will be sure to visit websites that discuss latest trends in the youth, websites that discuss fan theories, latest episodes as well as conspiracy theories regarding a newly introduced superhero or a t.v. series that is foremost the most watched by our targeted age group — Game of Thrones t-shirt anyone?

We define buyer’s persona on the following basis:

  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Marital status
  4. Interests
  5. Hobbies
  6. Location
  7. Lifestyle type
  8. Education
  9. Family
  10. Income
  11. Social circle
  12. And challenges of life

The above mentioned types of classification may not all be applicable and relevant to your Target Group at once. A combination of them is to be figured out based on the type of product or service you’re providing as well as by walking in the shoes of your consumer so as to predict the answers to the above questions.

TIP 3: Figure out where and how this buyer’s persona can be put to use on the internet


Once, the buyer’s persona is ready, all you have to do is prepare a spreadsheet of all the digital platforms your potential consumer may be visiting online and map out a strategy accordingly.

For instance, you can target Facebook for your funky t-shirt ads along with platforms such as Instagram and tumblr as these platforms grab the attention of just the demographic we’re targeting- college going students who are interested in Game of Thrones and Batman ( Thanks to George Martin and Marvel Studios for that!)

TIP 4: Action Driven Website / Landing Page / Creatives

Once you have defined a target audience along with segmentation and positioning and launched your digital campaign the Ad Creative / Ad Copies will redirect the potential buyer to a website landing page where all information of the brand is mentioned. This is where your lead generation happens. If your advertisement is great but you haven’t invested time and effort into your website to create a great user experience, you can lose your clientele at the very last moment due to a compromising user experience. So, it is important to have a great website to support a great digital marketing strategy because in the end, your website is going to be a primary portal for your consumer to communicate with you. In case you dont have an inhouse team you can hire a website design company with proven credentials to help your brand

Once the target audience, the buyer persona are figured out along with a dynamic & action driven website, there are enormous opportunities for you to experiment with your digital marketing campaign and unleash your creativity; and the results are to be surely driven your way!

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