How to get organic traffic from Reddit

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How to get organic traffic from Reddit

05/14/2022 12:00 AM by TheChiefHustler in

Reddit is one of the most active online communities and a significant source of attention. Thousands of people may visit your website or buy your goods as a result of a positive Reddit mention.

Your target audience might be present. There are undoubtedly opportunities there.


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It's a difficult argument to make because one of the fundamental criteria for marketing on Reddit — or any social media site, for that matter — is to be truly active and devoted to the communities you're a member of.

However, there is some good news. Whether you have the time or not, you can learn a lot from the wonderful individuals on Reddit. Yes, there are marketing strategies that can help you get more traffic. However, there are a few more advantages to learning from the community, participating with it, and developing a comprehensive Reddit strategy.

This page will cover everything. Please join us!


Marketing on Reddit

Reddit is one of the Internet's most active communities. With over 300 million active users, it is also one of the largest.

To put that in context, that's more than...

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest

However, Reddit is rarely mentioned when it comes to social media marketing techniques. This isn't meant to dismiss any of the excellent Reddit marketing tutorials that have been published. They're fantastic! These guidelines contain some excellent advice, which we'll try our best to distil into the most practical insights that you can apply right now.

So, why does Reddit go overlooked when it comes to social media marketing?

One thing to keep in mind regarding Reddit is that it's not exactly friendly to organic, native marketing. Instead, Reddit is looking for genuine contributions, which makes sense. That's how the most successful social networks grow!

The following sentence from Reddit's community standards perfectly captures this ethos:

Being a Redditor with a website is acceptable, but being a website with a Reddit account is not.

Well, all of our companies and enterprises are, without a doubt, websites. What are our options?

One of the best things about Reddit is that, while its rules are protective, they aren't intended to be exclusive. Whether you want to become a Redditor or not, plus whether you want organic or sponsored results, there are several methods for marketers to leverage Reddit. In addition, there are methods to benefit from the Reddit community even if you don't have time for full-scale Reddit marketing.

Marketing Strategies for Reddit

1. Use Reddit to find the latest trends in customer research.

We feel that this method can benefit all marketers, whether they are Reddit users or not, and even if they just have a limited amount of time to devote. The best part about this suggestion is that it doesn't necessitate you becoming a skilled Reddit contributor. Right present, anyone can use Reddit for research. It simply takes a few minutes, yet the benefits to your marketing are enormous.

The principle is straightforward:

Use Reddit as a research tool to examine what people are talking about and what's hot right now to acquire marketing knowledge.

2. Look on Reddit for catchy headline ideas.

Aside from the quality of the information itself, how something is presented or stated in the title is one component that contributes to its success on Reddit. Redditors make excellent use of this area to highlight the content of their posts. This is a great resource for marketers.

On Reddit, you can look at the copywriting to discover what styles are popular and upvoted. Anything near the top of your subreddits will be interesting to observe. You can also check out the most popular articles throughout all of Reddit by going to the Reddit homepage or the subreddit "all."

Then you can easily incorporate these writing tips in to your blog post headers and email subject lines.

3. Find people on Reddit who are interested in engaging with your brand.

Though Reddit may not welcome marketers, the conversation does occasionally turn to items, including yours. Being present with your consumers and audience wherever they are is an excellent social media practice, which includes listening to Reddit.

You may accomplish this by conducting a manual search and keeping track of any brand references that occur. You might also check other social support tools that have this feature.

When deciding whether or not to answer, make sure you grasp the context of the conversation before jumping in and offering assistance. When it comes to marketing on Reddit, there's a risk that improper marketing may result in a rapid and harsh reaction. However, if you approach your interactions with sincerity, you should be OK.

4. Increase your Reddit traffic (the right way)

People frequently think of strategies to acquire traffic from Reddit to their website when they talk about Reddit marketing. Let's start with some of the recommendations we discussed earlier if you're interested in using Reddit for referral traffic...

You must first and foremost be an active member of the Reddit community.

This can't be avoided. You can't just go up on Reddit and promote your products if you want to get organic traffic. You must be an active member of the community.

The only other way to obtain Reddit traffic is to advertise it, which we'll discuss in a moment. However, becoming engaged on Reddit is the first step toward organic referral traffic.

Here are the following actions to take once you've been active.

1. Look for subreddits that fit your preferences.

This may be done again by searching Reddit or using a programme like Redditlist.

2. Know the demographics of Reddit.

Males between the ages of 25 and 44 make up the majority of Reddit's user base. In addition, the bulk of users is from the United States, particularly San Francisco and Seattle.

However, that is far from the only group present. In addition, you may locate vast pockets of active groups that are particular to your expertise, especially using Reddit's subreddit structure.

So, when it comes to your Reddit traffic plan, you have a handful of options:

  • You can risk and try to make it to Reddit's first page, where everyone can view your material.
  • You may also use subreddits to target certain niches. These will have a smaller audience than the 330 million people mentioned above, but they are nonetheless significant: Many subreddits have 100,000 subscribers or more.

5. Provide value to the community to get karma points.

Karma points are gained by sharing links and comments on Reddit and serve as a scorecard for users. Upvoting and downvoting these links as well as comments correspond to the rise and fall of your karma.

You must increase your karma points in order to be successful on Reddit. To indicate that you're serious about participating in the communities, you'll need at least a few hundred points. Some subreddits even need a certain level of karma before posting.

Karma points don't always affect the virality of your material. Still, they do provide your fellow Redditors with a solid indication of whether you're on Reddit to participate or just to promote yourself.


There are a few routines that can aid in the accumulation of karma points...

  • Participate in prominent Reddit subreddits such as today-I-learned and Ask-Reddit. Here are a few areas where you may start commenting quickly and easily.
  • When it comes to link sharing, you can include Reddit in your regular content production and post to it whenever you would go to Twitter or Facebook.

Now, when it's time to upload your work on Reddit, there are a few things you can do to ensure it receives the most attention.

6. Reverse-engineer your subreddit's most popular headlines.

One of the most important components, like with many things on social media, will be the title. Reddit threads are the same way. Take a look at how these titles are constructed. Keep an eye on what gets upvoted and what doesn't. Then you may include these ideas in the title you're writing.

A handful of headline formulations that perform well on Reddit are discussed on the Grow and Convert site.

The first one is...

[x] is required. This is [y]

For instance, you may say, "Tensed shoulders?" Try these stretches (they're great for work!)

And here's the second headline formula:

[exact time before] [I took action]. Now I'll [explain/share additional information/teach you how/explain what happened].

And here's an example: three months ago, I detailed exactly how I earned $150,000 retailing T-shirts on Amazon. I'll now walk you through the precise steps you may take to make your first $1,000,000 retailing on Amazon with ZERO inventory using the Shopify connector.

The Foundation blog also investigated Reddit titles and discovered some broad guidelines.

  • The most upvotes were given to posts with titles of 60 to 80 characters.
  • The poorest performers were those with names that were longer than 120 characters or less than 20 characters.

And their general advice is undoubtedly familiar: the best way to make sure you're creating a title is to go through the top 15-20 posts on a subreddit.

The study pays off handsomely!

It's also good to keep an eye on some of Reddit's current trends. The most common phrase in titles, for example, is "if you have...", which is quite similar to the "need this? try this" approach we described before.

Year-end lists or year-ahead postings are other popular topics among Redditors. Years like 2018 and 2019 are some of the most popular digits in titles.

So, if you participate with the community honestly and publish solid material with catchy headlines, you have a strong chance of success on Reddit. One final point to consider is advertising your material on Reddit... In addition to publishing on the subreddit of your choice, you can also:

7. Share it on various subreddits to ensure that as many people as possible see it.

You may then cross-post your original thread to any other subreddit by clicking the "cross post" button at the bottom of it. One thing to keep in mind is that you should utilise this method sparingly and avoid being excessively promotional in every article you share.

8. Place your material on Reddit using sponsored adverts.

In comparison to other social media platforms, Reddit advertising is still in its infancy. Therefore, there's still space for profit. Cost-per-click advertising is used on Reddit. You can improve the reach, video views, traffic, and conversions of your campaigns. Because videos are among the most engaging forms of material on Reddit, the video views are particularly impressive.

You have the option of showing your ad to the entire Reddit community or to specific subreddits.

There's an interesting case study on how DuckDuckGo, a search engine, had great success using Reddit advertising.

Wrapping Up:

Avoid being a "Reddit Marketer!"

Become a Redditor.

Spend an extra 10 minutes every week on the site to familiarise yourself with the community. If you follow these instructions, you'll be well on your way to being a respectable Reddit member who also owns a website. You'll also be well on your way to attracting thousands of visitors to your website on demand.


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