Strategies for Getting Your First 500 Visitors

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Strategies for Getting Your First 500 Visitors

08/07/2021 12:00 AM by TheChiefHustler in Guest post

We all want to get visitors to our websites to generate sales, earn ad revenue, or simply share our thoughts. Getting the first few visitors is tough. No one wants to link out to you, you rank low on Google and feel helpless. This is common for newer websites, but there are a few techniques to get those first 500 organic visitors through one single blog post, and that I what I will explain right now.


Tools You Will Require

  • Ubersuggest for Keyword Research
  • SEO Toolkit Analyser
  • Google Search Console
  • GTMetrix Page Insights
  • A Website (Obviously)
  • A few Social accounts Specifically for your Business


Steps to Get those Visitors

  • First, we need a few things to set you apart. Generally, if you get the first impression right, there is a good chance people will stay on your site. There are two major things you must nail. The first is design. It has to be clean, minimalistic, and modern. No one sticks around to read some wordy, 1980’s looking website. If you use ads, make sure they aren’t intrusive and don’t use excessive pop-ups. Next is load time. Use GTMetrix to see how fast your site loads, and if it is more than 3 seconds, FIX IT.
  • Next, write something I call a flagship post. This is the most in-depth, detailed post you can think of. It has to have images, interactive elements, and the best content on your entire site. It should be something that is worth linking to and worth sharing. Use Keyword research tools like Ubersuggest to find out which keywords to target. This keyword for your flagship post should have a low SEO difficulty and medium to high traffic.
  • After you have made the flagship post, check it for SEO errors. You can use the URL level SEO checking of SEO ToolKit or use WordPress Plugins like Yoast SEO. This post should be 100% optimized for on-page SEO. This is probably the most crucial step.
  • After finishing your post, publish it and let the world see it. But the process is only half-complete. Now is the time you must constantly share this content and do whatever you can to promote it. This is where the social channels come in. Create a new social account for your business (DO NOT use your personal account). We prefer platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn. Keep promoting your content on those platforms. It does not matter if you don’t have followers. If you use the right hashtags, tag the right people and participate in niche-related discussions, it will work.
  • Along with doing all this, there is one more step. Hit up everyone you linked out to from your article and let them know you linked out to them. Ask them to share your post, or even link out to it. Most people probably will ignore your e-mail if you are on a new site, but some people will notice you and will share your post or link out to you
  • With this, you should notice your flagship post’s rankings increase, and you will slowly start getting 500+ organic visitors to your blog.
  • You can track these metrics using certain SEO Tools like SEO Tools Kit or others


Thank you for reading this post, and all the best on getting your first 500 visitors off a single blog post! If you have any questions or suggestions, post them in the comments down below.


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