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Image Submission Sites List

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Do you want to create backlinks for your web page by just uploading images? Then, you don't need to worry about it from now on. Because you are at the best place to get an image submission sites list. Images have a great impact on viewers. Hence, images are more effective as compared to text. Using images is one of the best ways to bring your brand or business in front of people. Here we have provided the list of top image submission or picture sharing sites. These will help you build the best quality backlinks that will enhance your search engine ranking and organic traffic to your site.


What is Image Submission or Sharing?

Image Submission or Sharing is a kind of an off-page SEO strategy to obtain quality do-follow backlinks. In simple words, uploading an image file to interact with people is known as image submission or image sharing. Here, pictures are uploaded on various sites to get referral traffic other than just text. And image submission sites are search engine websites providing you a platform to share your digital picture. The most used image submission and sharing sites are Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr. As text content plays the most vital role for a website, a similar role is played by images on a website. The use of high-quality pictures generates traffic to the site and boosts the website's online visibility. At an image submission site, you can easily upload, manage or host images either publicly or privately as well.


Why is Image Submission Important in SEO?

In link-building techniques, image submission sites are one of the best ways known to date. It helps your website to get more organic traffic and high rankings. For all the marketers, image submission can help you get some quality backlinks along with great organic traffic at the fastest speed. Therefore, experts not just prefer these sites but use them a lot to promote the brand, business, site, or blog worldwide. The below-mentioned points show the significance of image submission sites among other SEO tools.


  • Image-sharing sites can help in increasing the rankings of your sites or blogs.
  • When someone uses your shared images on their website or social media then you will receive credits from them. (If your shared posts are original)
  • These image-sharing sites can help you increase the organic web traffic to your website.
  • These sites provide you with a high-security backlink. (Some sites may provide you do-follow backlink while some may provide you no-follow backlink).
  • By mentioning your brand logo and website URL on the images, your shared images will give great exposure to your brand.
  • These sites can help you boost your business profile and spread it worldwide.
  • These sites help you get a better ranking in SERP with the help of the backlinks which will increase more organic traffic to your site.
  • Images shared by you help search engines index links to the parent site.
  • You will get high authority backlinks from these sites for your website.
  • These image submission/sharing sites can help you effectively reach the targeted audience.


An image submission should contain the following aspects


1. Perfect Image Selection

 The image you select for sharing must be new, unique, and shouldn't be copied or have any watermarks on it. If it has any watermark, that picture won't be accepted by the directories.


2. Optimizing Image

 You should optimize your image properly, perhaps to reduce its pixels without much compromising on the quality of the image. It helps a lot in speeding up the time of a web page when the image is loading.


3. Alternative Text

It has been observed that in most cases we neglect one important piece of information and that is the alternative text. Posting an image with an ALT tag benefits the submitter. This text will tell viewers and Google as well about the image to crawl it. Google gets help from the ALT tag to identify the image content. While using it, always use relevant keywords targeting the information. If it isn't optimized, then the crawlers won't be able to read it.


4. Image File Format

For a good search engine optimization result, the format of the image file plays an essential role. For image file submission, the generally used format of the image file is PNG, JPEG, or GIF.


5. Description of the Image

 The description of the image is equally important as it defines the image you have submitted. For proper SEO work, the description of the image should be proper. In fact, if an image is amazing then the image can be submitted on the infographic sites also. Now, you can post your pictures on many image submitting sites like Instagram, or Pinterest for best SEO results.


Key Factors to Consider for Image Sharing Sites


When you are sharing pictures on an image submission site, then, you should keep these important points in mind. Many times we submit images without even knowing any aspect of the website. After that, we won't succeed to get the expected results and blame such great techniques. So here are such amazing and valuable tips which you should implement while sharing photos on image submission sites.

  • Make sure to check the Domain authority and the rank by Alexa before submitting.
  • Make a note that the website should be related to image sites.
  • Do check for the spamming rate of the website.
  • Always ensure whether the website is affected by malware or not.
  • Check whether the website is penalized by search engines or not.
  • Do not submit copyright images.
  • When you submit your photos on sites, do not forget to share them on social media handles.
  • Share images on the top image-sharing sites such as Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, and Juxtapost.
  • Add the relevant tags while posting the images.
  • Make sure to mention the proper title and the description of the image.
  • Select the proper category while posting your images


The Step-by-Step Guide for Image Submission


Step 1: Choose the high DA/PA image submission sites that will provide valuable links to your site.

Step 2: Visit the website and find the login page. Then, register on those sites for creating an account using your name, email, and more. Now, some sites do not require any registration but many of them need activating your account. There, you can choose to log in via any third party like Twitter, Facebook, or Gmail.

Step 3: Upload your business-related image with the supported format in the respective site. Remember to submit your website's URL and a title with the image. Click on the Submit button.

Step 4: After submitting on image-sharing sites, you will get an approval link from them. Domain name DA
1 95
2 94
3 94
4 92
5 92
6 89
7 89
8 89
9 50
10 88
11 89
12 86
13 78
14 86
15 84
16 78
17 82
18 83
19 81
20 81
21 77
22 74
23 67
24 66
25 70
26 66
27 64
28 63
29 57
30 55
31 51
32 45
33 45
34 45
35 43
36 43
37 39
38 39
39 40
40 40
41 83
42 22
43 22
44 24
45 6
46 93
47 96
48 95
49 94
50 93



We hope that this article will help you out to make more and the best backlinks pointing towards your website. Also, they will increase organic traffic to your business. By using the off-page SEO strategy of image submission, your business will definitely get the desired reach. Except for this, you are lucky to get some remarkable positions on SERPs that others miss out on. So, make sure to implement everything given in the post while submitting images regularly to generate a huge audience base. Now, you will surely blast on these image submission sites by having a great number of followers.


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