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Infographic Submission Sites List

02/01/2022 12:00 AM by TheChiefHustler in

Did you know that the human brain processes images 500X faster than text? Plus, 70% of people respond to visuals. Every human being loses interest in the context if it doesn't have visuals. Nobody can follow the same path for a long time. And that's where the role of infographics has come in content marketing. Because our mind understands visual contents more easily than texts, visuals have become a necessity to include.

Have you ever thought, creating an infographic can provide you with quality backlinks? If so, then surely you've waited for weeks to get links from authority sites to your content. Now, to wait patiently for an influencer to observe your infographic and provide you with a link is just improbable. So, here comes the need for infographic submission sites to fetch the backlinks that your infographic deserves.

This technique is widely used by most professionals to promote their infographics proactively. So, just go out of your way and outreach to some of the best websites to include your infographic in their articles. Below we have mentioned the infographic submission sites list having high domain authority. This can easily get you backlinks and attract visitors to your site. But before going on the submission list, let us now understand what infographic submission sites are. And how they can benefit you to achieve your goal of SEO. So, let us now begin something new for the top ranking on SERP!


What is Infographic Submission?

Infographic submission is the uploading of data in visual images such as graphs, tables, diagrams, and many more. As the name suggests, sharing some info by using graphics delivers the knowledge and makes the reading interesting to the viewers as well. These graphics are then submitted to the websites having a more user base to get your business to reach a huge amount of people. Infographic submission sites help websites to promote their brand's product/service through visuals.


Why Are Infographics Considered An Essential Medium to Increase Your Reach?

Engaging and interesting graphics that provide some knowledge is considered one of the best ways to increase your reach. But, why so? This is because:

  • Pictorial forms of content make it easier for people to learn quickly and understand complex information.
  • Images, in any kind of format, are visually attractive and easy to share.
  • Publishing infographics on top user base sites is an effective way to promote your business and increase your visibility.
  • Infographics are easy to create and easy-to-understand images. Anyone can use designing tools to create, download, and share infographics having amazing visuals.
  • With images instead of text, you can summarize any type of content that will help a person to know whatever you want them to know.


How to Make a Successful Infographic

Doing an infographic submission, and succeeding in the same by getting SEO benefits are two different things. Before submitting your infographic on these submission sites, it's necessary to keep a few things in mind. This includes:


1. Make noticeable infographic with accurate data

The Infographic you generate to share on the infographic submission sites should be impressive. Moreover, it should have precisely the correct data that you are displaying. It is because if there are any mistakes in the text, viewers will lose trust in your data due to false explanations. So, if your text isn't correct, it doesn't matter how attractive your infographic looks. And eventually, this can lead to a negative reputation for your website.


2. Make trendy infographics

To make trendy infographics, you must be aware of the topics which are very recent on social sites. It is so because most people want to keep themselves updated with the trending things around them. Furthermore, always make your infographic look amazing to bring a significant boost to your business. So, a combination of trendy topics you have chosen and adding some creativity to it will make a big difference.


3. Mention your website and the offers with it

When you are uploading on the infographic sharing sites, always mention your business offers there. Also, do not forget to provide the link to your website in the description with the Infographic. Providing these extra details makes the viewers of the site reach out to your website via the link. So then they will get to know your product/service even better. Also, the discount offers on the services in the description are an aspiring option available for the users. This will attract more potential users to your website.


Benefits of Using Infographic Submission Sites


Infographic submission sites are a great tool for those who play with graphics. Graphic makes the content interesting due to conveying more with less use of text. Thus, infographic submission sites have many benefits for content marketers or business professionals. They help in proving your worth in the market, by the quality of information you put in the visuals. Some of the kind benefits of doing infographic submission are:


  • Infographics can help you build trust and credibility by showing your expertise in a particular niche.
  • It can get your site do-follow backlinks and potentially helps in boosting referral traffic. Infographics are also great for your website ranking.
  • The use of graphics with info boosts the content marketing strategy.
  • It helps in the marketing of your product or service to enhance online visibility.
  • Infographics have more viral capabilities because many people love to share with their network on social sites.
  • It will increase brand exposure by showcasing your knowledge about the product or service.
  • Infographics enhance user interactivity and the power of retaining users.
  • It will help drive massive traffic to your site or blog. And can make you connect with your target audience more.
  • Publishing infographics improves your brand awareness when you embed your brand's image with your logo.
  • The expanded referral traffic from these sharing sites helps you to build your Alexa Rank.
  • Promotions can be posted on infographic sharing sites with no charges and registration.


How To Do Infographic Submission/Sharing

You must look at certain metrics before proceeding to upload your infographics on various websites. First, check the DA, page authority(PA), and Alexa rank of the website where you are going to submit images. Also, make sure that the website should not be banned by search engines and have very less spam score.

Once you are done with these metrics, now you need to create an eye-catching infographic. The next step is to upload your infographic on the selected infographic submission sites. Some of them need to sign up using third-party sites like Gmail or Facebook. And some allow you to submit without any registration. Now, write the proper title & description of the infographic and click submit. Then, you will get your approval link shortly. Domain Name DA
2 94
3 93
4 91
5 92
6 92
7 90
8 83
9 78
10 60
11 55
12 48
1 95
2 94
3 92
4 89
5 82
6 55
7 54
8 48
9 44
10 38
11 31


I hope this article will help you to reach relevant and target audiences, in a short possible time. Using this infographic submission SEO practice will get you more backlinks and grow organic traffic to your site. Not only this, it will improve your brand exposure and visibility as well. But always remember the above guide while sharing an infographic on these sites. Hence, you will definitely make a blast after sharing visuals on this complete list of infographic submission sites.


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