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Pdf Submission Sites List

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PDF submission is a necessary activity to boost the ranking of your business website. It is done to receive high-quality backlinks and reliable traffic to the site on Google. Here we have mentioned PDF submission sites list that plays a crucial role in improving your business revenue through SEO. These websites are collected on the basis of several factors like page rank, DA, PA, and more. Our motive is just to guide you in the right direction for off-page SEO activities of your marketing strategy. So, Let's get started!


What is PDF Submission in SEO?

PDF submission is simply sharing the PDF file to the users on the web. Submitting PDFs to these sites promotes your business site by sharing it on different websites. Similar to PDF, you can also submit DOC and PPT format files. And so promote your content on different PPT or DOC or PDF websites. People mostly do this pdf submission in the research documents as it is a much easier process. It all starts with optimizing your PDF documents to rank them higher in the results of the search engine. It's a way to increase valuable visitors and quality backlinks for the website. But, you should ensure to make the PDF content as engaging and interesting as possible.


Complete Process to do PDF Submission

Here are the steps you need to do for submitting your PDF or DOC or PPT on submission sites:


Step 1: Write your article with all the related keywords in a text file. Then, convert it into pdf format. Now, ensure to have this pdf in a readable text form. If your pdf contains images then use OCR(optical character recognition) to convert the images into text. After that only, the crawlers can read and index your file.

Step 2: Give an interesting title to the file to attract people to read it. Add alt text to the images you have used in your files. It will let the algorithm understand the purpose of using images in the file.

Step 3: Visit the pdf submission site from the list given. Find the login page and then sign up there. You have to register via their login facilities like Google account, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Step 4: After signing in, submit your PDF or DOC, or PPT files. You will then get an approval link for your submission. Ensure to have proper and well-managed animation of PPT or DOC or PDF files.


Benefits of PDF Submission

PDF submission sites help in uploading optimized PDF files easily. It's an SEO backlink creation technique that helps in promoting your content in PDF or DOC or PPT format. If you will do the PDF submission SEO properly then your site is likely to get a lot of likings. This technique is best for new businesses and eCommerce websites to do branding. Let us see in detail how they help organizations to grow fast.

1. Generating traffic and quality backlinks

Millions of people visit these pdf submission sites to get any type of content. And when they come across your pdf, they may visit your website too. Hence, it increases the referral traffic on your site. Also, they may share and spread that link further among their social groups, creating an advertising network of backlinks. So, when you choose to share content on PDF submission sites, you can get quality links to your site. Hence, getting quality backlinks becomes the most important plus point of sharing a pdf on the web.

2. Improving keyword ranking

Social bookmarks help crawlers identify and understand your content. Using these websites, you can add your keywords to the content so that visitors can access it with a search. Thus, when a query hits the search bar, the chances of being on the top of the result page will be higher. On the contrary, if it doesn't contain keywords related to the business then also your site will be crawled instantly. But, just try to mention the specific keywords in the name and description of the PDF.

3. You can use multiple websites

You can upload the optimized PDF according to your needs. These files can be shared on different submission sites to get better results. There's nothing like duplication of the content.

4. You can use graphical content

The most crucial thing about pdf sharing is that the documents can have graphical content too. You can upload images, videos, or any other media without risking the quality of the document. Because of this reason, they are widely used for sharing graphical content.

5. Increase Domain Authority & Rating

PDF submission sites tell search engine algorithms about the shared valuable content. If you submit your PDF on highly authoritative do-follow pages, it will get some link juice from them. And receiving a link juice supports your domain authority and credibility. In fact, submission sites increase the DA/PA and traffic to any website in a short time.

6. Website Branding & Promotion

PDF Submission sites are a powerful tool in promoting a website. Or it can be understood as an act of tagging and saving a website for later use. These are saved on the online web rather than personal browsers. It allows you to add, edit or share bookmarks of the site. Thus, helps in your website branding, credibility, and promotion. Getting more shares from the users often leads to wider subscribers online. Popular companies use these sites to promote their products and news. So, bookmarking a pdf helps them to publicize the content with ample users at very minimal rates.

7. Helps in Indexing

It ensures that your blog entries should have faster indexing. When you upload a PDF file on these submission sites, it will get indexed by the crawlers in an easy way. It is because that PDF contains the keywords related to your business which helps search engine bots to crawl it at a faster rate.


Tips for Effective PDF Submission

Here are some tips to have successful PDF submission. By taking care of these things, you will probably get the most of their benefits.

  • Do not put any non-worthy content in your pdf file.
  • Place destination or reference links
  • Use variations in titles, anchor text, and descriptions.
  • Write only quality content because your rankings, & CTR depends on the quality of your content.
  • Use engaging & relevant titles.
  • Do not stuff unnecessary keywords in your titles.
  • Never use automated tools to share your links on hundreds of sites at an instant.
  • Select the relevant categories and sub-categories.
  • Ensure to keep your PDF file as a readable text file. Then only a search engine bot can attempt to read it.
  • Add Alt Text to images or graphics if used. Otherwise, crawlers may fail to understand it.
  • Add tags to improve the online visibility of your PDF if that platform enables you to add.

S.no Domain name DA
1 issuu.com 95
2 slideshare.net 95
3 dropbox.com 95
4 scribd.com 94
5 4shared.com 94
6 mediafire.com 94
7 mediafire.com 94
8 turboupload.com  
9 uploaded.to 80
10 datafilehost.com 79
11 datafilehost.com 79
12 uploaded.to 80
13 authorstream.com 85
14 docuter.com 33
15 slideserve.com 64
16 Transferbigfiles.com/ 60
17 wikiupload.com 49
18 host-a.net 44
19 turboupload.com 54
20 http://ge.tt/ 77
21 officelive.com 72
22 mediafire.com 94
23 ziddu.com 93
24 box.net 85
25 http://www.box.net 92
26 http://www.box.com 92
27 box.com 92
28 huddle.net 51
29 calameo.com 92
30 smashwords.com 88
31 smashwords.com 88
32 sliderocket.com 60
33 lulu.com 87
34 zoho.com 88
35 fileden.com 81
36 2shared.com 81
37 http://www.feedbooks.com 79
38 feedbooks.com 79
39 speedyshare.com 69
40 speedyshare.com 69
41 ioffer.com 73
42 divshare.com 72
43 mirrorcreator.com 65
44 free-ebooks.net 75
45 mirrorcreator.com 65
46 yudu.com 69
47 megafileupload.com 60
48 sliderocket.com 60
49 keepandshare.com 62
50 keepandshare.com 62



These checked & verified PDF submissions sites list would help you a lot in improving your site rankings at Google. They all are high-quality sites that offer a do-follow link. This off-page SEO technique will improve your brand awareness and organic search traffic. Also, getting a high-quality backlink is a plus in it. So, just go ahead with this popular white-hat SEO technique at the cheapest cost.


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