Proven Ways to Get Free Backlinks for Your Website This Month

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Proven Ways to Get Free Backlinks for Your Website This Month

12/25/2021 12:00 AM by TheChiefHustler in

Backlinks are necessary when it comes to ranking higher on search engines. The more backlinks you get from authoritative domains, the popular your site will be. Here are some proven ways to build backlinks that will make things easier for you.

1. Replicate top-ranked websites backlinks

If you want to stay up to date, then you should know what others are doing. Spying on your competitor’s backlinks is the best way to find trustworthy backlinks. Let us start explaining in detail how to spy on your competitors.

First, start with choosing your primary competitors that rank on the first page of SERP. The higher they rank on Google, the better link profiles they own. Next, deciding which competitors' backlinks to replicate, you have to check that the website should be related to your site. After finding websites, you will have to analyze their backlinks.

Now, here comes a question of what to analyze on their backlinks?

You have to find their sources for backlinks and what organic keywords they used. For finding backlinks, you can use SEO tools like SEMrush. It is the most used tool to have natural backlinks profiles of any website.

To get started, it displays backlinks opportunities by Backlink Analytics from the left panel of SEMrush. Then start filling in your competitor’s domain. There you will get a list of domains from where those sites are getting links. You can now copy their backlink strategy for your website as well. Let us take an example. If that website has a link from guest posting, you can also do the same. Also, if the link is from a forum, you can create a profile in that forum.

Other ways to get backlinks include setting up Google alerts. This will let you know immediately when authorized sites feature new content. Or you can sign up for their email newsletters. These can help you get top referral sources.

2. Build backlinks with infographics

Using Infographics is the best way to capture backlinks. It has been in high demand since 2009. Infographics are media formats that represent data and information. It converts complex data into simple visuals that are easy to understand. That means it creates engaging content providing a simple overview of the topic.

It is a must to have a catchy infographic. After publishing, you will have to submit to popular infographic directories. This might be helpful for them. So, they may give you backlinks if they like your infographic. Also, you have to reach other content creators to ask for feedback on the infographic. You can spread even more using Twitter or Mention platforms. If they liked it, they might give you quality backlinks.

3. Guest posting

Guest posting is a tried and tested strategy for getting quality backlinks. This technique is in use for increasing traffic on your site. Guest blogging started long before Google started using backlinks as a ranking factor. Google itself accepts guest posts on its blog. So, there isn't any reason to worry about a penalty. Google only gives penalties to spammy and poor written content.

The content you publish should be high-quality stuff. Without a link-worthy content post, it is less likely you will have backlinks. Many websites offer a write for us section. You can write a guest post there. You can even provide a link to your site anywhere in your content. To find guest blogging opportunities, you have to run a search on Google. Run a search with either of these key terms in Google:

Your keyword + guest posts

Your keyword + intitle: write for us

Your keyword + inurl: contribute

Your keyword + become a contributor

Then the search engine will filter the results. After that, it will show sites that allow guest posting on your niche. Next, write a descriptive article that covers each angle of the topic. Also, make sure to explain how it will benefit their readers.


4. Give Help a Reporter Out (HARO) interviews

Like guest posting, backlinks can be earned by participating in interviews. Some websites run interviews at any niche. These sites are always eager to link with great content. To do so, you should first search on Google and look for which sites conduct interviews. After that, you have to outreach them and pitch on why they should interview you. To find those websites, search for these key terms on Google:

Your keyword + interview

Your keyword + roundup

Another way to be interviewed is through a platform known as HARO. HARO connects journalists with those who will provide quality content. After signing up as a source from its homepage, select a plan to get started. It then provides you with a list of categorised inquiries. Then you can email the respective journalist with your response. If they like, you may end up receiving a backlink from the news website. It is a great way to get links from news websites and journal blogs. These kinds of websites have a high domain authority and getting links from them boosts your site's trust level.


5. Broken link building

The broken link-building strategy is another easy and proven way of getting backlinks. It involves finding competitors' broken links and politely telling them about it.

But what are broken links?

Broken links are those links that no longer exist on a website. It may happen when the destination pages have removed those links. It is also known as a 404 error, which means an improper URL. For your website's health, use any best SEO tool to check backlinks of your site. What happens is companies tend to change their website domain constantly. So many links become broken because of the changed URLs.

What you have to do is find broken links on the websites of your niche. Next, use tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to discover broken links. Focus on those websites with the highest domain authority. Then suggest your website as a replacement for the broken link. It is that simple! Because you are doing a favor for them. They give you an amazing opportunity of earning backlinks to your website.


6. Create Link-Worthy Skyscraper Content

One of the skills to find a backlink is by creating top-notch content. There are different types of content that you can have. It may be how-to articles, how-to guides, and run quizzes.

This content can be extensive guides or a detailed post that covers all aspects of the topic. It could be as long as 10,000+ words to attract other sites to link to your post.

Creating skyscraper content is a digital marketing strategy with the No. 1 ranking factor to get a backlink.

You can start by searching for a topic of your niche. Then look at the first page results to get an idea behind the content. Next, you have to start creating high-quality content which is 10X better. The next step is to promote content to get the most out of it. Promote it via email marketing campaigns, social media shares, and so on. Also, tell influencers to share it with others.

If they find your content link-worthy, then you’ll end up getting backlinks.

7. Take part in Forums and Testimonials

Most websites have a web page for testimonials and reviews. Many of them show their best testimonials on their site's home page. So, they always look for positive reviews to show as social proof.

Then what steps do you have to follow for Testimonials?

First, find some relevant companies to submit testimonials. Focus on those who have high domain authority to get a quality link. Then, if you use a tool or service regularly, offer to write about it. You can tell them your positive experience using that tool or service. They will likely link back to your website.

Also, did you know participating in forums on other websites can get a backlink for your site?

Discussion forums can be a great place to find quality backlinks. By participating in different forums, one can drive immense traffic to the site. To find the opportunities of discussion forums, do a quick search on Google. You can type any of the following terms and press enter:

Forums + [your niche]

[your niche] + forums

[your niche] + discussion

Another way to get backlinks is to respond to different questions on Quora. Quora is a platform with a wide range of questions and answers on any topic. What you have to do is, simply enter a topic of your niche. The next page that appears will have questions related to the topic. Answer there with quality content adding a link to your site.

And that’s it!
To Sum Up
From now, you know proven ways to get free backlinks for your website. You can get this using any of these techniques mentioned above. These are the tested ways to secure high-quality backlinks. You must try these link-building methods as any can work best for you. Moreover, learn how to exactly use a backlink for a better link profile. Remember to build quality backlinks only to boost your search engine ranking. Increasing the number of shabby links might cause trouble and wastes your time. If you just get started building backlinks, it may be very time-consuming. But in the long run, it will help you out with SEO. You can also check out our article on backlinking algorithms used by Google.


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