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Search Engine Submission Sites List

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Are you struggling to get indexed on Google? And you want to make your new business website to be crawled by search engines as soon as possible. Then, this post can help you with the same. Gaining organic traffic from the search engine is the most significant part of SEO activities. Here in this post, I’m going to share with you a technique to get your website indexed to boost your ranking on Google. They provide you with valuable backlinks and organic traffic as well.


What is Search Engine Submission in SEO?

Search engine submission is a process to request various search engines to crawl and index your website. It is a practically proven off-page SEO technique that involves a website's URL to be submitted on many search engines. This method enables your website to get noticed in all the big search engines such as Google, Bing, and more. Once you use them, surely you will get used to them for your website's SEO. This is done for getting do-follow backlinks that further improve your ranking on the web. Before proceeding with the search engine submission sites list for doing SEO, we would like to describe the working of search engines.


How do Search Engines Work for Business Promotion?


About 90% of web users are dependent on Google for searching their queries. It is the most common and widely used search engine among all. Yet, as a website owner, you have to consider other search engines also for submitting your post. They are highly important for new professionals and marketing experts as well for their SEO campaign success. We will explain to you how it works in easy steps.

1. How does Google work?

2. Why are some pages ranked higher than others?

3. How do Other Search Engines Perform?


1. How Google Works?


As it is the most famous search engine on the internet, it is used to fetch data about different things. Within a fraction of seconds, it displays the best results of the query on your screen to help you out. But, do you know what are the factors on which they give you the best results of the query? The two important factors of rankings include indexing and crawling. Search engines crawl its database to find the most reliable web pages. After crawling, Google then indexes the website immediately to make it indexed. And indexing consists of including the crawled web pages in Google's database.


2. Why are some pages ranked higher than others?

It’s a question asked by most people about how some pages are ranked at the top in SERPs? To be honest, it all depends on the number of votes that every web page has. The number of backlinks earned by a web page can be considered as a vote. In a nutshell, there is always a ranking order on which every web page appears on the SERP. When a page is ranked at the top of a search engine result page, then it’s because of the backlinks it has created for the site. So, when a site has more backlinks than yours, it probably will rank higher at SERP. Additionally, these should be high-quality and reliable.


3.  How do Other Search Engines Perform?

Other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc, also work on the same set of rules. They also perform the same process as Google does. They too have crawling and indexing as an important factor in their algorithm. Their bots crawl the web pages first and then do the indexing part. Yet, they have a different approach to ranking sites on their search engine result page.


How to do Successful Search Engine Submission?

The process of submitting website URLs on these submission platforms is the same. But, you have to go to them one by one to submit the required details. And if you want to do beneficial search engine submission for your business, just check out the below methods:


1. Sign-up and submit your website

Some webmasters want their customers to sign-up first before using. And some enable you to place direct links without creating an account. First, choose the relevant search engine submission site from the list given. Always pick only one submission site at a time and make a login. After registration, submit your post's URL to that site. Follow the same for all other websites also.  Furthermore, their specific webmaster page assists you to do the required modifications in the details in the future.


2. Use proper details

The next step is to put correct personal and business information. In fact, filling in details on the search engine submission sites is a thing to do carefully. You need to write the correct website title, keyword, homepage links, email, and other required fields.


3. Check for blocked indexing

By robot.txt file, you give permissions to the spiders for checking your website's indexing chances. You must allow the indexing through robot.txt file to make search engines enable for crawling your website impeccably.


4. Practice the top sites carefully

While using Google, you have to pay more attention if you're going to submit your posts there. Certain top search engines can give you the highest traffic. And that's something cool! But, you need to constantly update all the data on top search engine submission sites.


How to check if your website is indexed?


For this, you have to simply type your website's link in the Google search box. Now, there may be two possibilities for the SERP. If your website is appearing there, then Google knows about it. And if it isn't featuring on the top, then you have to submit your website to Google. But, according to the SEO terms, should be written to examine the same. A different approach to check this is through the dashboard of your webmaster tools account. If you have a robots.txt file, then it will definitely be crawled and indexed.

Now, you will question what to do next to make it appear on SERP? See, your website can be featured when it is crawled and indexed by search engines bots. And Google spider will access your page only if it can find your website. Thus, to make it accessible, you must submit your website URL to the search engine submission sites.


Benefits of Search Engine Submission

Getting listed on Google is the foremost benefit of top search engines. But its advantages are not limited to getting your site crawled. Some other prominent benefits include:


  • Search engine submission sites help in building do-follow backlinks for your page. Also, the more submissions you do to different websites, the more backlinks you get.
  • High-page rank search engine submission sites increase traffic to your website. They can get you immense traffic because they own lakhs of daily users.
  • Submitting to these sites will let people know about your product/service and thus spread your business awareness.
  • They also assist in getting more exposure in SERPs, generating leads. It increases their trust which further improves your overall sales and income.
  • These submission sites promote your products/services for free, which is an extra plus for your business. Domain name DA
1 14
2 92
3 50
4 45
5 23
6 41
7 58
8 53
9 54
10 50
11 34
12 28
13 33
14 43
15 42
16 38
17 31
18 41
19 30
20 20
21 53
22 22
23 20
24 30
25 100
26 93
27 92
28 41
29 42
30 54
31 53
32 38
33 28
34 34
35 30
36 45
37 45
38 31
39 75
40 79
41 48
42 30
43 32
44 23
45 30
46 30
47 15
48 27
49 33
50 50

Final Thoughts

I hope now this post will help you to execute your off-page SEO strategy smoothly. Just submit the website URL on the search engine submission sites I have mentioned here. This will definitely maximize your website’s indexing giving you favorable results quickly.

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