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Social Bookmarking Sites List

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Bookmarking a link is a beneficial way to get backlinks & some amount of traffic. In this post, you will know the best social bookmarking sites to get do-follow backlinks. I am sure that if you use these sites mentioned below, you will improve your website's SERP ranking also. These social sites are tried and tested for web-based services. They provide users to access bookmarked sites at any time from any device. It is a way to manage, search, store, and organize many useful web pages and blogs that you come across. Those pages could be revisited and shared with others. Let us understand what they are and how they work.


What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking does store favorite pages on sites for future use. It is a process of bookmarking a website on social platforms where most web users interact with each other. Because social sites have huge visitors, it helps in generating quality backlinks. One more way to do this job was using a folder to store our favorite websites. But instead of using that traditional method, social sites let you manage the required links and make it easy to access them.

Bookmarking on social sites also offers SEO benefits. They provide you with quality backlinks. That is why these free sites are widely used nowadays in the industry. So, if you need some more backlinks and a higher page rank, this can be a great way. Social sharing sites are websites where you can share blog posts, videos, images, and more. These sites customize their feeds according to the user's interest. It is so because people can save and share useful content. Hence, It comes under the off-page SEO techniques in which anyone can save and share the webpage links.

Steps To Follow For Bookmarking Your Site

To do it, you need to first collect some of the website data. For example Title, description, tag, links, and more. Then, social sharing is done through account registration first.

Step 1 - Go to the bookmarking website and find the registration page. Some sites may not have this login page and give access without doing it.

Step 2 - After signing up there, You can choose to log in via a third party. This can be via Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and more. After signing in, you can bookmark any URL on the web link in the respective social submission site.

Step 3 - Now, pick the link address from your site that you want to promote. After entering the required information, click on submit the link.

Step 4 - You will get your approved link for social sharing. Always copy that generated URL and keep it into an excel record. And its done!


Advantages of Social Bookmarking

You may be mistaken as these sites are only meant for link-building. But I am not in favor of this statement completely. Because it offers many other advantages than just getting backlinks. Social sharing has improved the perspective of search ranking for your websites. This is due to optimizing bookmarks for your content and that too is sharable with people. Let us know each one of them with details:

1. It improves traffic to your site

You may now think about how these sites can help to increase the traffic to a site. Many social sharing websites that are famous have millions of people visit each day. If your content appears there that people find useful for them, they will visit the shared link. Also, not each post is visited by people, make sure to share only the trending and updated content. In this way, social bookmarking sites can help you bring more traffic to your site. Moreover, choosing proper categories and sub-categories can make you expect a sale or a conversion from that traffic.

2. Increasing social signals

Social signals are a metric for Google rankings. This means that whoever is having more social signals will have more chances to rank higher. You may know social signals can be acquired from Twitter and Facebook. But let me tell you what's the reality! There is no limit of social signals to take for your posts. There are plenty of sites that you can use to increase the weight of your social signals. Also, doing this will boost your rankings in the SERP’s results.

3. Shortening the indexing time

In recent years, bloggers are facing the biggest problem of indexing. Google also has increased the time to more than 3 days to index the new posts. Also, you weren't allowed to post from someone else's website and request for indexing. But not now. Social bookmarking helps to index at faster rates by Google for your posts. Search engine bot crawls new links every minute from all famous and active sites. Therefore, it is crucial to do.

4. Boost SERP Rankings

Favoriting web pages on social sites are done for two purposes. One is link-building and the other is social signals. Both of these are counted by Google as ranking factors. Thus, saving as favorites gets you social signals and backlinks too. So, your site will begin to rank more in the search engine result pages. Also, it is only possible when you strictly follow their policies. Spamming the technique will eventually get you even blocked by these big sites. You should always do bookmarking by natural and organic methods.

5. Expand brand awareness and popularity

We have discussed that many millions of people visit the top sites a single day. So, bookmarking your link will get exposure to those people. Not for millions, but thousands for sure. Thus, it increases your brand awareness too other than link-building. Just you have to invest some time to research the content in your niche that works best. Then try to publish updated, comprehensive and engaging content on those topics. Do the same at regular intervals with the right technique to get amazing benefits.

6. Increasing the referring domains

Links from various sites tend to increase the referring domains that point to your site. And that is a good way to gain traffic and rankings. Because the higher the referring domains that point to your site, the higher will be the chance to gain visitors. Thus your rank will get higher by bookmarking as compared to your competitors. Remember, the quality matters the most instead of the quantity of referring domains to win the game. So, get the benefits of SEO using social sites by saving web pages.


Quick Tips For Social Bookmarking?

Many tips are there to remember at the time of doing social sharing on a site. A few of them are:

  • A unique title is to be created first of the bookmarking link.
  • Create a description in around 50 to 100 words.
  • The description of your web page should be catchy and correct.
  • Follow those website’s guidelines strictly.
  • Choose the most relevant category and sub-category.
  • Add appropriate and limited keywords during social submission.
  • Don’t bookmark one URL many times. Domain DA
1 25
2 23
3 20
4 22
5 13
6 10
7 21
8 26
9 25
10 23
11 16
12 12
13 35
14 23
15 36
16 36
17 85
18 53
19 33
20 26
21 27
22 24
23 31
24 77
25 19
26 29
27 23
28 30
29 16
30 18
31 15
32 9
33 21
34 28
35 50
36 42
37 57
38 40
39 28
40 29
41 39
42 31
43 34
44 29
45 33
46 19
47 17
48 20
49 13
50 17

Final Thoughts

I hope you are now aware of how social bookmarking sites work. They help you in your SEO to boost your website traffic drastically. It is the top activity under SEO that improves brand awareness within the targeted audiences. Also, it's a great technique to make your brand popular and increase your online presence. Moreover, once after marking, it can have long-term effects if done strategically. Not only that, this method makes it easier for users to find your website. They may see it when searching for that particular topic you created content about. Just explore all the above-mentioned websites now to gain traffic from search engines.


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