What is Guest Posting in SEO? A step-by-step guide to get started

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What is Guest Posting in SEO? A step-by-step guide to get started

12/25/2021 12:00 AM by TheChiefHustler in

In this article, you will know how to do Guest posts to increase the rankings of your website. It is an easy step-by-step guide for guest posting. This article will help you increase the DA/PA of your website. Most importantly it focuses on how you guest post to rank number one on Google.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest Posting is writing an article or a blog post at another's website. Also adding a link to your website in that particular write-up. This is a process used for getting backlinks. There are many other methods you can use to get backlinks. For this, read our article on Proven ways to get free backlinks for your website. There are some things to keep in mind when you guest post. All will be clear to you by reading the whole.

When you guest post, your target is to solve the audience's problems. You should not post to address your audience. For instance, let us consider your website is based on healthy lifestyle tips. Then you can guest post on a website that has the exercise equipment to sell.

There are many benefits of guest posting. The prime benefits are:

It increases your site's domain authority.
It helps increase your backlinks.
It improves lead generation.
It gives your site more exposure.
It improves brand awareness that means people get to know about your brand.

Now let us move to a step-by-step guide to Guest Post. I will share everything on how you can find high authoritative websites according to your niche.

1. To find a target guest posting website.

There are two things to always remember when searching for a guest posting website. First, the targeted website should be related to your niche. Second, that website should be high-authoritative.

My favorite method to look for a guest posting website is to Google search it. Search entering your niche and keyword at Google. You may use different variations of keywords to have more options. For example, if your niche is a Healthy Lifestyle. Search on Google:

Healthy Lifestyle + Guest Post
Healthy Lifestyle + Write for us
Health + Guest Blogger
Health + Submit Post

Then you will get a list of websites that are accepting guest posts. And they all were in the same niche as yours.

2. Examine websites - Are they useful.

The next step is to check for the website if they are right for guest posting. There are four things to keep in mind before selecting a targeted website. They are:

Check the DA/PA of the targeted website. You can use the Mozbar extension to check DA/PA.

Then check if the website is posting high-quality content or not.

The third thing is to check if they receive traffic or not. Because then only it will help your website to improve traffic.

Then check how many social media followers they are having. As more followers will drive more traffic to your business sites.

3. Prepare your website for Guest Posting.

Preparing doesn't only mean having high-quality content. But building a strong connection with your targeted website is.
You can share their posts on your social media accounts for building connections. Other than that, you can start commenting on their blog. Moreover, you can email tell them how their blog is helping you out. By doing this, high authority websites will get to see your website. They will witness that your website is genuine and trying your best to show up in the market.

4. Send a mail to targeted websites

Emailing the targeted websites is the most crucial step to put in place. Requesting websites through email is called pitching. Pitching should always be engaging and persuasive. Getting their interest becomes necessary so that they accept your guest post request.

For example, you can email like:

Hey, I am a regular reader of your blogs. They flash an engaging detailed overview of the topic. Moreover, you may have noticed us by comments on a couple of your blog posts. I am writing to you because I would love to contribute a guest post on your website. I have some trending-worthy topics that I think your readers will like to read. Other than that, I will make sure the guest post would be one of a kind. To give you an idea of the quality, I'll share the link to my popular posts.

Lots of success

Pro Tips: It is good to include some trending ideas that they may like.
Use Google Trends or Buzzsumo to find trending topics. Then give them a choice to choose from many topics.

5. Where to write a guest post

Each website has some rules for guest posting. Some websites tend to declare their special instructions. And many will tell you prior about the word count of the article. So, begin with reading their detailed requirements and write according to them. What's recommended is to write a 2500 words guest article for authoritative websites. Write a maximum of 1000 words for a medium authoritative website. Also, my rule of thumb is to write only high-quality content for guest blogs.

Moreover, you should try to use infographics, flowcharts, stats, or any engaging images. Doing these ultimate tips will increase the chances of accepting your guest post.

6. Follow-up Process

The last but not the least step is to find your guest post. You have to check whether it is on the internet. If you didn't get a backlink, you should send a reminder within a week. What you have to ask in the mail is when they are going to publish it.

After it is published, send a “Thank You” Note to the guest posting website. This will help you in the future to get more backlinks. Then the next step is to share your guest post on all your social media handles. Other than that, reply to every comment on that post.


Guest posting has a goal to increase traffic and brand exposure for your site. But it has two limitations. The first is to find enough unique topics to write about. And the second is that it can take a lot of time. Still, it is the most used method to get quality backlinks. Read our article on types of backlinks that are valuable for SEO.

If you are a beginner in blogging, start with a small level of websites. Because a high-authoritative website may not consider your guest post. Instead, a small to medium-level site can allow you to post.

Google has evolved much in the past few years. It doesn't now get impressed by the higher number of visitors. It pretty witnesses where traffic is coming from and where it's going. So, it becomes crucial to have backlinks that are visible on web pages. Must read how exactly to use a backlink to use it properly.

Only checking for websites domain authority is not a factor to be considered. Some sites can have increased DA by any artificial means. Only focussing on DA may let you miss some quality websites. Besides this, you must have knowledge of tools to check quality of backlinks.


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