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About Class C Ip Checker

About Class C IP Checker Tool by SEO Tools Kit

The internet service provider assigns a specific IP address to anyone connected to the internet. It is responsible for providing you with a relevant and available IP address. IP refers to Internet Protocol. Hence, IP Address is an Internet Protocol address which is a string of unique numeric identifiers separated by periods, and carried by every device in a network. It is like the computer’s internet address. It might look something like 167.183.767.989 IP Address is the address that you use for interacting with other people or using the services available on the internet. But, when you are using a dynamic hosting service for the internet service for getting your website hosted, a class address will be assigned to your website by the internet service provider.  The Class C IP Checker Tool by SEO Tools Kit is a simple yet efficient tool that shows you the class of IP addresses of the domain which you can use to know whether or not the same address is duplicated. With the help of a good and reliable Class C IP Checker tool by SEO Tools Kit, you can find out whether or not the two or more domains have been hosted by the same C IP range very easily. You can also discover duplicate IP addresses and Class C IP. If you own various cross-linked websites, it is advised to host all the websites on different Class C IP ranges.


There are five classes of IP addresses which are as follows:

  • Class A

The first bit of a class A address is always assigned to 0. Class A addresses range between –

  • Class B

The first bit of a class B address is always set to 1 and the address of the second bit is set to 0. It means 16,384 networks can be assigned in class B addresses. The addresses of class B range between –

  • Class C

Class C addresses have their first two bits address set to 1, and the third bit is set to 0. The addresses of class C ranges from –

  • Class D

Class D addresses have their first three bits of address set to 1, and the fourth bit is set to 0. The addresses of class D range from – and are reserved for multicast groups and applications.

  • Class E

Class E addresses are used and reserved for experimentation and testing. It is never utilized in any standard form.

SEO hosting with Class C IP Address is well known that any type of IP address contains four different blocks like a telephone number. The algorithms of search engines are effective at using this code block thereby representing the location of the hosting of the website. When you decide on SEO Hosting with Class C IP Addresses, you are guaranteeing that you would be provided data centers that may be found in different sections around the globe.