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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

What is the Code to Text Ratio?

Code to Text Ratio is the percentage of the exact text of a web page. The code in “Code to Text Ratio” shows the HTML code that is associated with each of the web pages while text shows the actual written content on your web page. If there is very much data like images, documents, or backlinks on a web page, then the HTML code quantity will be excessive which can result in excessive loading time on a visitor’s browser. The Code to Text Ratio is the vital ingredient of any website. The written content on an internet site/ website must have relevance to the page heading because search engines rank a web page after checking its content.

Features and Functionality of Code to Text Ratio Checker by SEO Tools Kit

It is a simple and reliable tool that is capable of precisely analyzing and observing your web pages and calculates an exact ratio of your code to text on your website. Using this tool by SEO Tools Kit is simple, hassle-free, and easy. You just need to work on a couple of steps to see the ratio.

  1. Go to the official site and click on “Keyword Position Checker” within the tools section.
  2. Put or type the webpage link on the given text box.
  3. Now, click the ‘Check Ratio’ button.

You will get the measurement of your code and text separately in Kilobytes and hence, you'll get the additional advantage of Code to Text Ratio.

The tool will process your request and can show you the leads in just a couple of milliseconds. It will offer you the subsequent details below, about your web page:

  • Page Size
  • Code Size
  • Text Size
  • Code to Text Ratio

The Code to Text Ratio Checker tool by SEO Tools Kit enables you to see the Code to Text Ratio for multiple pages (up to 10 maximum).

How is this ratio important?

Although, this ratio isn't vital it's its weightage within the SEO. So, if a corporation wants to enhance SERP, it's to be perfect from all dimensions. Also, using much code on an internet page slows the website, hence it's directly associated with SEO. The second factor that depends on Code to Text Ratio is that the bounce rate. If you've got less content in your blog post then definitely users will leave your website after a couple of minutes. Hence, the bounce rate of the website is going to be affected. Bounce rate is additionally considered by search engines while ranking an internet site.

For higher search ranking, there are a couple of factors associated with code to text ratio that you simply should consider such as:

  • User-Friendly Websites: Websites must be user-friendly and should be made by keeping in mind the requirements of the audience. The higher is that the code-to-text ratio, the more interactive and convenient the website is taken into account. Hence, it'll enhance the user experience which can end in more traffic.
  • Less Loading Time: The less and to the point HTML code means the improved loading time. User experience is greatly impacted by the loading time of the page.
  • Clean coding and Better Page Indexing: Brief and clean code and more related content make it easier for search engines to index your websites.