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About Email Privacy Tool by SEO Tools Kit

Email Privacy Tool is an advanced and highly efficient tool developed by SEO Tools Kit. The tool checks for email on the web page and protects website owners from email privacy issues. The tool also provides complete email security as it keeps note of all the incoming and outgoing emails on your site and also checks for any bug or spam in your mail folder. Using this tool is super easy. Just type the URL of the site in the given text box and click the “Submit” button. If there's no issue found on your site regarding email privacy, the Email Privacy tool will display the status as good with a 'tick' mark.

Note: The email id should not be present on any website as hackers or spammers can use your email address for illegal purposes.

How to assure your Email privacy?

Every time, the email service providers keep reminding their users to protect their email privacy, by advising them to change passwords periodically, asking for any report spam mail that they receive, etc. Here are some suggestions for email account holders to follow to get their email privacy.

  • Don’t share your email addresses on social media or your website as it might result in hacking and spamming of your mailbox.
  • You must share strong passwords. When you set up an email account, the service provider shows a gauge indicating how little or strong is your password’s strength. The use of an encrypted password is the best option for any email user. Although, remember it is quite a difficult task. But you can write it down somewhere safe.
  • Beware, when you use public wi-fi or the internet. If you have accessed your email id from any public personal computer, make sure that you sign out and delete the browser history. If you don’t do it, you might be leaving traces of your email which can be misused.
  • If you randomly get mail from your service provider to change your password. You must ignore it. This might be an attempt by a hacker to get you to change your password so they can gain access to your account. Contact your email service provider and notify them that you have received this notification.

If you have a website, then definitely you must be having email accounts associated with it. The free email accounts are provided by the web hosting service provider. Now if you want to check the privacy of these website-associated email accounts all you have to do is to visit our website and check your email privacy by using the Email Privacy tool by SEO Tools Kit. Email privacy gives you no assurance if you are using a free email service and don’t take proper measures to protect your private information. Encryption services protect your emails as does keeping your login and password safe and hidden. But if you share your email publicly on social media, there is a greater chance of your email being misused.