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About Google Cache Checker

Google Cache Checker Tool by SEO Tools Kit

The cache is a technique or method that stores website docs temporarily to reduce bandwidth usage, perceived lag, and web server load. These documents comprise HTML and images. The two most common and used caching techniques are Quickcache and jp cache. Google Cache Checker by SEO Tools Kit is an excellent and efficient tool that helps you in knowing if any of your pages is serving cached web pages. If you are an SEO expert or website owner or marketer, who needs to deliver customized reports that involve analytics as soon as possible then the Google Cache Checker by SEO Tools Kit is the most outstanding tool for you. It is a free-to-use tool and has a flexible interface that enables you to generate reports you are looking for instantly without you having to wait for a long time to get the answer. You can inspect a particular website and put correct information regarding Google cache status that is for each website URL based on last modified or changed status. If you are a website owner or webmaster or SEO professional, then you must need to know about this tool. This tool also shows the last date and time when your site was live and when it got down. This tool also shows the entire website link cached by Google. It implies all indexed links of the website can be known as cached URLs.

How to perform a Google cache checker?

There are two methods of running the Google cache checker tool. Open any browser you want and enter the command “Cache: <Your Website URL>” in the navigation bar. Google returns a message conveying to you the date and time in GMT of its last inspection of the website which is stored in its cache. Another way of finding out when Google last visited a site. Google Cache Checker by SEO Tools Kit tool can check up to five domains, it shows the results in a report form. The report contains the following information:

  • URLs
  • Cache URL
  • Last Modified
  • Status

Why does a webmaster need the Google Cache Checker by SEO Tools Kit?

This tool is very important because it can help you a lot in search engine optimization and provides you with information so that you can optimize your website accordingly. In the event that you move your website from one hosting server to another, you will need to update your domain DNS server address and long procedure and might take up to 3 days to update. During this time, if a user tries to access your website, then Google will refer the user to cached links similar to the time when the website was live. This is why this tool is very important as it can help your site users to still access your website even if it is offline. A website owner or webmaster needs a Google Cache Checker tool to get the information if any of his/her web pages are cached by Google. The cache is a useful way to store web documents temporarily which usually include images and HTML code.