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About Google Index Checker

What is Google Index?

The Google index is the list of all the web pages that Google knows about. It contains hundreds of billions of web pages and is updated with new pages every second. A web page must be in the Google Index, to appear in search results. To be indexed, a page needs first to be crawled or analyzed by Google. Google assigns a crawl budget to every website, i.e., the number of pages Google will crawl on your website on any given day. If a website has too many pages following the crawl budget, not all of its pages will be crawled and indexed by Google.

Importance of using Google Index Checker

If you are a website owner or a marketer, you need to check the Google index status of your domain. Because, when a site is not added to the Google Index, it will ultimately stop generating organic traffic and hence will stop producing revenues. Because of this, you need to keep putting your money into driving paid traffic to your domain. Furthermore, the Google Index Checker tool by SEO Tools Kit is free and easy to use. You can check Google Index Status for each page on your website easily and for free.

What is a Google Index Checker Tool?

The sole purpose of a Google Index Checker Tool by SEO Tools Kit is to inform the users about the Google Index Status of a given URL. Many website owners use the Google Index Checker to check if Google indexed their site or not. They use the Google Index Checker to know about the ranking and Google indexation status of their domain and its sub-domains. Whether you are a website owner, business person, or SEO professionalist, you can begin using our Google Index Checker Tool by accessing it from the tools section of Moreover, it is free of cost and will not take a penny for using it. The tool runs its algorithm and constructs a report that informs you about your Google Index Status. The report also shows another category called 'Index URL' that tells you about the total number of indexed URLs of your website. Whenever you are wondering about the indexing of your website. You can come to and use our Google Index Checker tool.

How to use Google Index Checker by SEO Tools Kit?

The Google Index Checker tool by SEO Tools Kit is extremely useful for many website owners and marketers because it can tell you how many of the web pages of your website have been indexed by Google. Just enter the URL that you want to check in the given text box and click on the “Check” button, and then the tool will process your request. It will generate the report in a matter of a few seconds and will show you the count of your website's posts that were indexed by Google. The Google index checker tool is useful if you want to have an idea of how many of your web pages are being indexed by Google and appear in search results of users. This valuable information can be used to fix any issues on your pages so that Google will have them indexed and help you increase organic traffic.