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What is a Keyword Density Checker?




Keyword Density Checker is a tool used for calculating the keyword density of any web page. This tool allows website owners to analyze either a whole web page using its URL or a piece of text by copying and pasting.

Keyword Density Checker tool by SEO Tools Kit does not only calculates keyword density but also checks and analyzes all the top keywords used on the page or text that is being analyzed, and shows the following report for better SEO performance and effective content optimization:

  • It shows the total number of keywords on that page.
  • It shows the page load time (for URL).
  • Displays a tag cloud, detailing all the keywords used on the analyzed webpage or text.
  • It provides top keywords used within the content, their frequency counts, and indicators showing whether or not the keywords have a title, description, or header.
  • It also reports the keyword density for each keyword or phrase used within the examined content, including their frequency of usage and percentage of usage.

This sort of sophisticated analysis provided by the Keyword Density Checker by SEO Tools Kit allows you to easily define and become familiar with the proportion and sum of keywords used within your content.

How does Keyword Density Checker Tool work by SEO Tools Kit?

The words used on a webpage, including their type, their positions, and where they are used, can all influence the value of the page in search. The Keyword Density Checker is a free SEO tool by SEO Tools Kit, enables you to run a keyword analysis and check the density of keywords of an existing page or content on your website.

The Keyword Density Checker tool shows the result displayed by two tables containing keyword density usage. The first table of the keyword density analysis displays the most used keywords in the content, broken down by descending lists of one-word, two-word, and three-word phrases, with a usage frequency count for every word or phrase. In the Keyword Density Checker tool’s second table, the tool provides keyword density data specifically on the non-linked text on a page. In both tables produced by the keyword Density Checker tool, the top 10 words and phrases in each column are shown.

How to use Keyword Density Checker Tool by SEO Tools Kit?

Keyword Density Checker tool is a free tool provided by SEO Tools Kit. Using this tool is very handy. Follow the steps below to use this tool:

  1. Go to and click on “Keyword Density Checker” in the tools section.
  2. Enter the URL or paste the content of the page you want to analyze
  3. Click on the “Check” button to run your request.

The Keyword Density Checker tool will retrieve the report and will display it in tabular form, within no time. After getting the result/report, if you find that the percentage of times your target keywords appear is either too low or too high, we recommend you to revise the content of your site.