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About Meta Tag Generator

Meta Tag Generator

What is Meta Tag and Why do we need Meta Tag?

Meta tags are tags that give data about your page to search engines and website visitors. Meta Tags are not directly visible on your websites. Meta Tags are present in the head section of the HTML document. They are needed to be coded in the CMS. They are used to make the job of a search engine easier by helping it to determine what your content is about, and thus it also plays a vital role in the ranking of your site.

Search Engines want your sites to provide a good user experience and rank your site high based on this. Meta tags help webmasters with this by ensuring that the information your searchers need to know about your site is displayed upfront in a concise, brief, and useful fashion. Meta Tag can be used to highlight the essential elements of your content and make your website stand out in search results.

Types of Meta Tags

There are several types of meta tags that fulfill different roles, but not all of them are relevant to SEO. The four major types of meta tags are worth knowing about. They are:

  • Meta Keywords Attribute - A series of keywords you must consider relevant to the page in question.
  • Title Tag - This is the text seen at the top of your browser. Search engines view these texts as the "title" of your page.
  • Meta Description Attribute - It is a brief description of the page.
  • Meta Robots Attribute - These tags act as an indication to search engine crawlers/robots/bots as to what they should do with the page.

Some types of meta tags are related to page structure and ensure that your site is easy to navigate, while others tell search engines about which part of your page is important and which to overlook.

These above meta tags are worth using regularly, and will likely increase your traffic by letting search engines know who you are and what you provide.

How Meta Tags helps in ranking your website?

Meta tags have the potential to help you rank your website high on search engines. To find out whether a given page is using meta tags, you can right-click anywhere on the page and select “View Page Source.” A new tab will open. The code of the head section of the website is where the meta tags would be.

How to use Meta Tags for SEO & Search Engine Marketing?

Meta Tag Generator by SEO Tools Kit helps you to find and apply Meta Tags on your website with little or no effort. Meta tags are not that hard to implement yourself. Also, you don’t need to be a programmer to implement Meta Tags. You need some experience or knowledge about HTML to implement Meta Tags.

Meta Tag Generator by SEO Tools Kit helps you to find your most effective keywords to use in your site's meta tags and come one step ahead in high-ranking your website.