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About Pagespeed Insights Checker

Website speed or Pagespeed or Website Load Time is the amount of time that a user needs to spend to show all the content of a specific web page. It also refers to the time that a web browser takes to get the information from the server and display it on the web page. A website that display its content fast is considered to gain more traffic than a website that takes more time to display its content.

Pagespeed Insights Checker Tool by SEO Tools Kit

A Pagespeed Insights Checker Tool by SEO Tools Kit helps you to know how fast the webpages of your website load and gives you an idea of how much you need to improve to be in search engine’s good graces. As an owner of a website, you must check the website speed because it can have a great impact on the overall user experience. As visitors have very little patience when browsing on different sites, they want to get all the information they need as early as possible. This is the motive why SEO Tools Kit has developed the Pagespeed Insights Checker Tool. This tool helps in analyzing the website load time and how to improve the performance. It can also determine which of your pages are fast or too slow.

Best practices to improve the page speed of your website

1. You must minimize your site’s code: Deleting the unnecessary commas, characters, and even spaces can cause your pages to load faster in the long run. You can also minimize your CSS and JavaScript.

2. You must enable browser caching: When you activate browser caching, you allow users to store parts of your website in their cache which means some parts of your site are saved in your user’s browser.

3. Optimize your Website’s images: Try to compress all your site images so that they load faster on your site because high-definition images increase the load time of the site.

4. You must implement a content distribution network: It is a network that makes sure that your website is served from the server closest to a user.

5. Avoid Redirects: Redirects are an inevitable part of any site, but they should be avoided as they can increase your page load time.

6. Size Images properly

7. Use video formats for animated content.

8. Keep request counts low and transfer sizes small.

How to use Pagespeed Insights Checker by SEO Tools Kit?

Page speed brings user’s satisfaction. For a website owner, it is a must to make their website attractive and user-friendly as it helps him to increase traffic on the site and hence, will generate revenues. In just a few simple steps, you can check the page speed of your website.

1. Go to the official site and click on “Keyword Position Checker” in the tools section.

2. Enter your URL whose page speed you want to check, in the Domain text box.

3. Click on the “Check Page Speed” button and wait.

In a matter of a few seconds, you will be able to analyze your website’s speed and optimize it.