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About Server Status Checker

What is Server Status?

Server Status is the status of your server which is determined through the HTTP or HTTPS response from your website. It shows if the response from your website is online or offline. If it is offline, it implies your server might be down or not responding correctly at the moment.

About Server Status Checker Tool by SEO Tools Kit

The Server Status Checker Tool helps website owners to check whether the status of their website is offline or online. Every single time your browser requests a website, status codes are also returned. When something goes wrong, your browser will deliver some message like "Something isn’t right along with error code specified e.g 404"

As a webmaster or SEO professional, it is a good practice to regularly check the server status of your websites. Server status checker by SEO Tools Kit is a free-to-use tool.

Using this tool you can check the server status of up to 10 websites instantly. You just have to paste the 10 URLs in the test tool If you want to check the HTTP status codes of those websites and the test tool will display the HTTP status code of each website in a separate line. 

Note: Each server status code implies a different meaning. Server Status codes of a different HTTP response with their meaning are mentioned below as follows:

  • 200: It indicates the status of the server and indicates whether the server is working properly.
  • 301: It indicates that the address of a website is permanently moved to another address.
  • 302: It implies that the server has found a temporary site redirection.
  • 400: It indicates a bad request.
  • 401: It denotes unauthorized access.
  • 403: It implies a particular page is forbidden or you have no access to this page.
  • 404:  It implies Page Not Found Error and indicates specific page does not exist.
  • 410: Similar to 404.
  • 500: It indicates Internal Server Error. It means the server is down.


How to Use Server Status Checker by SEO Tools Kit?

Server Status Checker is a reliable and easy-to-use tool. You just have to do a few clicks to get the server status of any website.

  1. Go to seotoolskit. co and click on “Server Status Checker” in the tools section.
  2. Enter URL into the text box of the website that you want to check.
  3. Make sure to write the complete URL of any website that is including HTTP or HTTPS protocol.
  4. Using this tool you can enter up to 10 domains and get the status of 10 websites in one go. (Domain name should be in a separate line.)
  5. Click on Submit Button.

The tool will show you the report displaying the server status and server status codes if any.

Benefits of Server Status Checker

The server status determines how fast the server reacts to a page load time. It is very necessary to look at their response time and status for a good ranking of your site and to provide a good user-experience to your audience. 

While checking the status, if you find the status offline, you can take major steps to make it online. It also helps to check all your favourite websites at a time. The Server Status Checker tool can easily check the status of the server and can provide accurate results.