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About the tool Get Source Code of Webpage by SEO Tools Kit

At some point, you may want to view the source of your website page, especially in some cases you might need to know the source of the specific website page. The Get Source Code of the Webpage will fetch the source code of the website you want and will display it to you without any hassles. Website owners and marketers would want to analyze the source code to check how the features of a specific URL works. You don’t have to stress about achieving this purpose because the Get Source Code of Webpage tool exactly does the work to solve the problem. The only thing you need to do is to provide the URL or link of that specific website.

Why should you use this tool?

The Get Source Code of Webpage by SEO Tools Kit does not require any installation. Therefore, it can be used instantly and generates the results within a couple of seconds. The tool is used by webmasters, developers, website owners in generating the source code of any HTML page. Through the source code, they can check upon the features of those websites which they want to analyze. If you are an online marketer, website owner, developer, or SEO person, you can view the source code using this tool without any hassle or without wasting time and memory in installing anything on your device. This tool is available online and can be used anytime and anywhere. Moreover, this tool is provided by SEO Tools Kit for free.

How to View Source Code?

There are many ways of viewing the source code of a website. Every web browser can perform it. Open the website in a search browser and right-click on any space in it. Click on the option ‘View source code’. The source code of the website that you have landed on will be displayed in a new tab. It is one of the tool-free ways to view the source code of any website.

How to get the source code of the webpage using the Get Source Code of Webpage tool by SEO Tools Kit?

On any search browser, go to and click on the ‘Browse More Tools’ button. Scroll down the SEO tools till you spot ‘Get Source Code of Webpage’ in the tools section and click on it. It will ask you to enter the URL of the website in the given text field. Once you enter the URL click on the “Submit” button and the tool will display the source code of the website. Now you can analyze the code and find what you were looking for. To make changes to the source code you will have to need your website developer or SEO to make the necessary changes. Viewing your site’s source code and that of your competitors will give you a better understanding of how to strengthen and improve your website quality and ranking. You will get to know if you may have missed out on some important points and by reviewing the source code you may decide to incorporate them.